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What it means by twitter removing Tweetdeck automation and use of multiple accounts

Twetdeck regulation of the automation and multiple use ofaccounts to increase content creativity

We have experienced changes from our social
media Platforms for a while. It can be the algorithms, the way of posting, upgrades and
shun of some operations. This spreads across Facebook, Instagram , Snapchat, Twitter
and other widely used platforms. These changes have affected us and our
companies both positively and negatively. In the case of the changes that have
been announced by Twitter about their Tweetdeck, I would like to give my
thoughts about it.

Well, tweetdeck has been very helpful to a number of
companies more so media houses, big companies and individuals who specialize in
digital marketing, that is, influencing and content creation and scheduling.
Additionally it has had a positive feedback in the sharing of breaking news.

Ultimately, it has imposed dangers and negatives to the
society. For instance, Tweetdeck allows spamming of tweets through massive
sharing, retweets and likes. In most cases this has encouraged the spread of
fake news, hatred and cyber bullying easily within a short time that become trends
in the digital platforms.

Even though tweetdeck has been helpful, the restrictions
will help curb fake following, tweeting and cyber bullying. In this article, I
have tried to bring out why I recommend the route Twitter has taken to regulate
tweetdeck operations. Well, I’ll like to pin my opinion.

First of all, I like the idea. I welcome it! Why:

1. We have been having many Fake accounts work for companies in
the name of Digital Marketing yet the results are brand visibility with less
brand conversions.

2. Some media houses and individuals have been spamming the trending
section with similar content from over 20 accounts. This has resulted to some
topics trending unnecessarily!

3. Some users have focused more on retweets, likes and tweets than
content and use of real influencers and thought leaders to converse and
interact with the brand target audience and customers through creative content.

4. It is easier to clearly differentiate the true influencers,
thought leaders and content marketers that have the voice, can change our
thoughts and behaviours than looking up to FAKE INFLUENCERS who have fake
followers, bots and deck retweets and likes.

This is one way of reducing Fake news that has hit the
society through social media now that technology and internet is spreading quickly
to every part of the world.

5. Twitter has been trying to regulate the activities that
happen on their platform.  In November
2017, they restricted the verification of individuals. Now they follow up on
strict measures before they verify anyone. Additionally, by them removing fake
followers and now eliminating some pleasures Twitter users have been enjoying through
tweetdeck will make it manageable for the company to operate under strict
measures and their objectives met.

Wrapping up

The removal of the automtion and massive tweeting will increase content creativity and sharing on twitter. Hence, do not confuse the removal of some tweetdeck pleasures to shutting
down of the site. Automation and the use of multiple accounts is the one that
has been largely affected. You can still enjoy using tweetdeck.

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