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Africa Tweet Chat Launches to facilitate Digital Marketing lessons

Africa Tweet Chat launch to build brands and icons in the digital marketing industry

Founded by a team of young African digital
marketing enthusiasts led by Janet Machuka, the chat is yet to enhance
the expansion of marketing possibilities within and without Africa.
These are some of the major thoughts to focus on.

Q1. What is #AfricaTweetChat and how
does it work?

#AfricaTweetChat is a content marketing strategy started
under the company Convex Africalimited. The idea behind it is to educate African brands and individuals
on the importance of digital marketing for their products and services.

“I realized a need to impart digital marketers,
that is,
influencers, content marketers, digital marketers and individuals who
use the internet for to better their lives and earn with knowledge of
understanding the skills they
need to ensure that their products and services reach the target
audience and
make conversions,” she says.

#AfricaTweetChat will look forward to holding
weekly chats
under different topics where we shall invite experts in relation to
digital marketing. Additionally, we will host company CEOs, HR
Executives among others
to interact with the audience.

Having a weekly continental chat will open doors to
interacting with other African digital enthusiasts and markets. Consequently, this will expand the
digital market to an extent that we can buy and sell products and services
despite of the geographical boundaries, share ideas and promote continental and
international influencing, digital training and conferences.

Q2. Who is Ms. Machuka and why did you
choose Social Media industry?

Janet Machuka is a finalist media student at Moi University. All through my
life I have interacted with various types of content. Having a wonderful
background of the media compelled me invest in this industry, though I started
way back with writing for Standard Media and my blogs before I invested on digital

There are a lot of opportunities on digital platforms. Even
though we have many users who are trying to exploit it, some haven’t realized
the importance of niche branding and marketing. Some do everything without specializations.

“I want to create a brand that many can look up to and
emulate. There’s less professionalism among the youths using this industry.
Hence, I took the chance to help them discover what they can be capable of and
brand themselves towards that niche,” says Janet Machuka.

Q3. A lot of changes
are happening on the social media platforms like. Facebook, how does this
affect business on social media?

Currently, everyone is trying to covert whatever they have
into money. Remember, we use money to grow it, so must we target on return on

Platforms’ algorithms, terms and conditions are changing
daily. A business that does not focus customer relations and how to make them
loyal to the brand will be affected largely. Content plays a major role too.
The type of content used will make a customer recall your brand or forget.

With the change, businesses can still thrive if they brand
and develop great content, use an excellent team of influencers and content
marketers and make the target audience a priority.

Q4. What is your 
advice to companies who want to leverage internet fortheir business?

There’s a need to create an audience their products and services beyond
Kenya. We’ve shipping services, use them. Keep track of daily changes on each
platform. Moreover, create diverse content that excites, informs, educates and

Q5. If you had three minutes to advice
social media managers, what would
you say?

Before you share content, do a research and create a content
strategy that is flexible. Have willingness to learn more from great digital
marketing (Content, Influencer and Search Engine Optimizaton) institutes. Be
interactive with your audience. Don’t tire responding.

Q5. Some companies don’t like social
media, what would you tell them?

Whether companies like social media or not, it will come a time if a brand
does not have digital footprints, it is as well as non-existent to the digital

Q6. Your parting shot
There’s a need to merge company public relations and content marketing
departments to form a strong result of content public relations. These two can
work best in branding companies who are setting up their digital presence.

“Content is king. Distribution is queen and she understands
return on investment,” she signs out with her best smile.

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