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Hey there,

I believe in going the distance.

So, in 2018 I’ll be doing more of what marketing has worked
well for us, and cranking-up the things my team and I could have done better.

Here are 7 marketing actions you should consider as well:

1. Increased Profile
Back-end Marketing

The people who are most likely to buy from you are the ones
who have already purchased something. Buyers are buyers. While most marketers
focus their attention on driving new leads and getting new customers, they
often do little with the most valuable segment of their list-customers.

To drive more profits, focus more time on presenting your
existing customers with additional opportunities to get value from you. More
often than most entrepreneurs realize, by not marketing enough to their
customers, they lose people to their competition. Why-Because buyers like to
buy. Hence, give them more opportunities to do that.

2. Increased Actionable

You can never go wrong being a more valuable guide or
resource for your prospects. Holding back powerful ideas or content for fear of
“giving prospects too much” is foolishness. Prove your value and earn their
trust. Focus on giving true utility when communicating with your market. Don’t
just pitch and pitch and pitch. Show them you are a worthy provider of the
solution they are after.

3. Go Deep before Wide

With a thousand and one different platforms and
communication channels today, it is easy to get sucked in a million directions.
Before trying to build a presence on multiple platforms, drill on one deeply.

It is better to be omnipresent on one major platform than
have bits and pieces of your brand scattered.

4. More Congruent
Front-end Offers

Customer acquisition is the key to sustainable growth. Your
chief priority as an entrepreneur is to have at least one marketing campaign
which brings in new customers every day at a reasonable cost.

The key to this is presenting ideas and offers which are
congruent with what your market wants. With what interests them and find hot
and sexy. Avoid the Curse Of Knowledge – getting too comfortable with your
topic and product that you lose touch with your market’s language, ambitions
and interests.

Stay focused on what they are interested in; not what you
are interested in.

5. Invest more in new

Days of spending a dollar on traffic and trying to earn back
two, three, or four dollars right away… are long dead! The more you are willing
to invest to get a new customer, the easier this entire game becomes and the
faster and bigger your business will grow.

You need to recognize that you are in two separate

(a) Customer acquisition business

(b) Customer monetization business

Acquiring customers requires an investor’s mentality and
approach. Customers are assets. They have a value today and they have a future
value. And, like all assets, there’s a cost of acquiring those customers.

The more you’re willing and able to invest, the quicker
you’ll be able to do it, and the more of them you’ll be able to get. Determine
your maximum allowable cost per acquisition. Then consistently work on increasing

6. Long term Campaigns

Most marketers give up way too early on their leads. Many
don’t realize a chunk of their prospects have a longer “buying cycle”. While
two, three, and even four-day campaigns have their place, more often than not
you can extend the length your marketing promotions and increase your sales

The key to making this work is having something new to say
or new to offer prospects within a campaign. Not simply hammering them with
buy, buy, buy. Adding a new bonus, sharing a new case study, presenting a new
piece of the marketing argument, giving them another new reason to respond can
boost the campaign.

Think about the companies and entrepreneurs who sell a
single product, and are able to communicate with their tribe daily. How do they
do it and remain relevant and valuable? Have something new to say. Do the same,
extend your campaigns, and watch what happens with your conversions and overall

7. Fill in Campaign Gaps

When it comes to your marketing campaigns, I am a believer
in “less but better”, This simply means that it is better to have one dialed-in
campaign than lots of little ones partially completed with lots of gaps.

When you have a campaign that has some gaps, before you move
on to the next campaign, make sure you have all the major pieces in place.

If it is a front-end campaign, make sure you have:

Remember, one properly structured customer acquisition campaign
can grow your business for months and months and months.

Just one. So, go the distance before moving on to a new



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