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Meet Janet Machuka!

Janet Machuka is a leading authority on helping businesses through their digital transformation of sales and marketing through consulting, training, and helping enterprises large and small develop and execute on various digital marketing platforms.

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I help brands understand why they should use digital marketing so that they can make informed decisions before investing in them. This involves, social media marketing, influencer marketing and content marketing.

How to Package Your Brand Communications on Social Media

Why is brand Communication Important on social media? Human beings are social and need communications to survive. Basic things like “kindly pass me the salt” go a long way to…

The Future of Work: Working Remotely or Hybrid System?

Every industry has been affected by the pandemic in different ways. From laying off some workers to allowing remote working, virtual meetings due to social distancing in order to reduce…

5 Smart Tips to Knock-out Competition in Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become a very challenging industry today. Every day 75 million posts are published, and 30,000 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every hour. Clearly, there is…

How To Get Your Next Social Media Job

In this digital era where companies and people are trying to create value out of the free social media platforms which have now become too noisy is a task. Standing…
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