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How to build engagement on social media platforms

How to build engagement on social media platforms

When you engage people, you include them in what you are doing. Moreover, engagements with your audience can get build up fruitful conversations that can give you a chance to exchange ideas. First and foremost, engagement on social media will spark questions such as how can you make your audience respond, how can you make […]

How To Get Your Next Social Media Job

How to get your next social media job

In this digital era where companies and people are trying to create value out of the free social media platforms which have now become too noisy is a task. Standing from the crowd and being able to be noticed to qualify for your next social media job needs you to not only be consistent in […]

How to Build Brand Authenticity on Social Media

Authentic Social Media Branfd

Most social media users find it hard to describe authenticity and how to create an authentic brand on the platforms they are on. With the presence of so many applications and options to help us build a brand without a face or with a fake face, it can be hard for audiences to single out […]

Why Brands Need Perfect Social Media Customer Service

Perfect Social Media Customer Service

Social media has become the instant feedback platform for brands to converse, engage and chat with their customers. As Anne Kedi Siade puts it during the #AfricaTweetChat sessions on Twitter, “Nowadays, social media is often the first place of interaction between a brand and its customers. You never get a second chance to make a […]

How to Package Your Brand Communications on Social Media

Why is brand Communication on social media important? Human beings are social and need communications to survive. Basic things like “kindly pass me the salt” go a long way to explain why we need communication. In Business the stakes are even higher. A1. Products and services will not sell themselves but only through messages being […]

Building Brand Authority On Social Media (#AfricaTweetChat)

In simple terms, Brand Identity is how a brand is known online by its current audience, the new audience that is searching on specific keywords and aspects corresponding to their needs. In most cases, the top searches become the authority. 1.      What are some of the ways towards building brand authority online? 2.      How can conversations boost […]

7 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

7 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Social media marketing is now a ‘must do.’ The pandemic has shifted most businesses to the digital space and now most brands are connecting, engaging and selling through social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube just to mention a few have provided a fair ground for small businesses to market their products and services. […]

Entrepreneurial Guide to Build a Sustainable Digital Brand for Business

With the rise in technology usage in the world, brands and organizations ought to adapt to the changes in marketing and how business will be handled. A number of people are securing themselves with the digital gadgets that will enable them connect with their audience on the digital space. This does not leave businesses behind. […]

9 Ways blogging can change your life for the better

Hello Champs, Blogging is not just a hobby or profession. It’s a life-changing experience. Well, did you know blogging has changed my life; paid my bills and now l can categorize myself part of the self employed? Nevertheless why is blogging important anyway? Find out! 1. It Boosts Your Confidence After writing and publishing few […]

6 Ways to point out a smart influencer marketer

6 Ways to point out a smart influencer marketer

You bought a smartphone, stumbled across a computer or rather a laptop and you were in readily available internet. Well, the next thing was you to gain a huge following on your social media that to some reasons you may not understand your purpose with them, right? Maybe, it was for your popularity, maybe you […]