How to Package Your Brand Communications on Social Media

Why is brand Communication Important on social media? Human beings are social and need communications to survive. Basic things like “kindly pass me the salt” go a long way to explain why we need communication. In Business the stakes are even higher. A1. Products and services will not sell themselves but only through messages being […]

The Future of Work: Working Remotely or Hybrid System?

The Future of Work

Every industry has been affected by the pandemic in different ways. From laying off some workers to allowing remote working, virtual meetings due to social distancing in order to reduce further spread of Corona Virus. In this article, Fuzu Kenya was featured on a report they launched, The Future of Work. Changes in Working Model […]

How To Get Your Next Social Media Job

How to get your next social media job

In this digital era where companies and people are trying to create value out of the free social media platforms which have now become too noisy is a task. Standing from the crowd and being able to be noticed to qualify for your next social media job needs you to not only be consistent in […]

Ways to Create Value Addition in Agribusiness

Ways to Create Value Addition in Agribusiness

While farmers put a lot of effort in their farming, they tend to get the least out of it when it comes to the market and it’s only through value addition that this trend can be reversed. Thus, why l wrote this article on ways to create value addition in agribusiness. Value addition is achieved […]

Secrets for marketers to bring alive their personal brands

Secrets for marketers to bring alive their personal brands

A personal brand is everything in marketing for recognition, advertising and networking. Standing out gives you more mileage as an individual. Having a personal brand opens doors to real human connections with not only consumers but also your entirety of both online and offline audiences. There are quite a number of secrets for marketers to […]

Michael Page Africa: Hiring Digital Marketing Talent in Africa

Hiring Digital Marketing Talent in Africa

Digital marketing keeps disrupting business industries day by day. Most brands were not ready for the intense digital changes they had to adapt to in 2020. Michael Page Africa has been in the fore front to help brands in hiring digital marketing talent in Africa and beyond. They also offer career and employer advice for […]

Video Marketing as a Major 2020 Trend

Video Marketing as a Major 2020 trend

2020 has been a showdown to most brands as most brand operations were affected by Covid19 pandemic. It was a year to test disruptive adaptability of brands on the digital platforms ranging from presence to using video marketing as a major trend in 2020 in their content creation and distribution. Social media users are now […]

Importance of Positive Brand Image on Social Media

Importance of Positive Brand Image on Social Media

Brand image is the perception or impression your brand gives to its audience or potential customers. It is usually created over a period of time using all marketing efforts and platforms available such as social media, websites, television and other channels. Every entrepreneur aspires to build a positive brand image because they understand its importance […]

How to Build Brand Authenticity on Social Media

Authentic Social Media Branfd

Most social media users find it hard to describe authenticity and how to create an authentic brand on the platforms they are on. With the presence of so many applications and options to help us build a brand without a face or with a fake face, it can be hard for audiences to single out […]

Businesses Need Coaching in The Workplaces

Giving employees, employers and entrepreneurs a chance to be equipped with knowledge, tools and skills that can help them identify issues and plan for performance improvement in the presence of an expert who is known as a business coaching.  “Coaching in the workplace is vital. It is a catalyst to move teams and individuals forward […]