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When you engage people, you include them in what you are doing. Moreover, engagements with your audience can get build up fruitful conversations that can give you a chance to exchange ideas.

First and foremost, engagement on social media will spark questions such as how can you make your audience respond, how can you make your target audience pay attention to your content, what will you need to be engaging, and how do you go about it when it comes to social engagements that will drive you to marketing your content, sparking ideas from your audience and creating a relationship?

  1. Make use of action words

A number of times you have seen content creators use words like: retweet, like, comment and share. When you direct your audience on what to do, chances are they will exactly do that. Consequently, this will evoke engagement.  Additionally, you can ask questions with “what do you think about” which will require their feedback.

2. Choose your words carefully and wisely

Use the right words and phrases that are unique, trendy and current. You can also be simple, precise and to the point. Don’t just communicate what you want but what the audience will want to read and engage with.

3. Engage other peoples content too

Successful engagements will happen when you pay attention to other people’s content. Make your audience feel appreciated. You can comment on their posts, retweet, like, share and reply.

Remember engagement is about growing together not growing alone. Do to others what you would like to be done to.

4. Being unique will make you stand out

Doing your posts the same way, same routine without flavour might reduce your engagement level. For instance, if you talked of the bad side of relationship today, you can change to the positive side of it tomorrow. Try to capture your diverse audience. Being human is about capturing different emotions and aspects.

5. Consistency

Imagine a scenario where you post today then wait for three weeks later to post another one. You can bet there will be a difference, right?  You need to remind your audience that you exist even if you not focusing on marketing alone. You can add quotes, for instance, to break the monotony if it is your personal account.  But remember, all will depend on how you want to brand yourself.

6. Get the right kind of followers

How you package yourself will translate to the kind of audience you will get. Posting about everything might confuse your audience who will get it hard to engage with some of your content hence reducing the engagement.  Get the right audience and
focus on creating a conversation with them and that will be a boost to your engagement.

7. Talk about ‘YOU’ and not ‘I’

If you want to engage more easily, focus on people and not you. Posts with “YOU” do better than those with “l”. You are not creating your content to consume it.

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