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How to make content marketing your advocate on social media - Janet Machuka

You want to post a juicy and engaging post on your social media platforms. That’s awesome. But, what is your content? What is your target? A post without content is like a dead dry land that has no life!

Content is the most important reason to why you have those followers you have. Most times companies will focus on conversions rather than just the engagements you have about the products and services you will help them sell as an influencer. Engaging content that in the long run translates the engagements to sales will also build the brand influence, generate leads and grow the company at large on the digital platforms.

An audience gets interested in a company’s products or services just by the kind of content that is brought out in the posts either in written or in graphics. Content from marketing if done in a well inclined way targeting the specific audience will speak to them in a way that some will be convicted to make a stop just spend to on them.

For instance:

Content builds a community for your business. These are those customers who will be regular clients to your products or your services.

Content can build your brand. Some companies are known for the manner in which they package their content. Different content packaging can draw different audiences depending.

Content allows a business to get feedback. Most people will interact with brands that have marketing content that is captivating. From the kind of content a company posts on their platforms, they can be able to discuss with their audience and get feedback about their services and products.

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