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5 things you should know to get started with content marketing - Janet Machuka

Are you a digital user and consumer of content? Well, it is
clear that digital platforms cannot be fun, informative and educative without
the presence of content. Content is King.

Lately, a number of millennials are streaming to online
platforms to learn on how to go with digital marketing which can only be made
substantial by knowing what entails in content marketing. Content sales when it
comes to marketing. Repackaging of information is inevitable when it comes content
marketing to suit the target audience.

Content marketing is basically the creation of information for
products and services that is valuable, relevant, and qualitative and that
attracts the target audience. In most cases, content marketing’s aim is to
selling and making profits from the products and services in the particular

A number of individuals may not be able to tell where they
should start when it comes to content marketing. Well, I will try to help you
navigate through some substantial steps which I believe will change the way you
view the whole concept.

Understand your goals

First and foremost, it is important for the individual or company
to clearly understand the set goals. If it is to sell the products, ask
yourself why will you want to sell them? Is it to solve the problem in the
market or for profit making only?  By
outlining and understanding what your goals are will keep you on track with
what you want to achieve and avoid focusing on the wrong type of content.

Target audience

You cannot create content for yourself!  Content is created for consumers hence you
should specifically create content that they will consume, consequently, evoke
action to either purchase the products or set them aside as a priority for the
future. Hence, ensure that content created for marketing focuses on the
targeted audience likely to be stimulated to purchase the products and

Define your mission

What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? The
mission will drive the company to employ a content manager who can create
relevant and quality content for the specific audience that is targeted in the
products and services. For instance, for an entertainment company that as an upcoming
event where the attendants are supposed to buy tickets, the mission being to
get more people turning out will largely affect the manner in which the content
will be created and delivered to the targeted market.

What is delivered?

The message to be conveyed to the audience will affect the
content created. Wht do yu want the targeted audience to know or do? Ensure
that you don’t deliver awesome content that don’t carry the message.

What are your

What kind of outcome do you expect? Create content that will
give you instant feedback. Feedback will give you a rate of your developed
content. Was it effective?

Content marketing is never a one day research you can do and
be satisfied. It needs an individual to learn more and more about it every day.
Digital content has a limited lifespan hence the need for creativity now and




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