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People use social media for different reasons. Some will use it to pass time, have fun and entertain themselves. Some will use it as a tool of gathering information, be educated while others will sue it as an office. This means that the usage of social media is not limited to some reasons not unless one is unable to access it due to lack of internet, illiteracy and the tools to use in accessing it.

There are some things that make social platform “juicy” to use. Juices have a taste because they have citric that our tongues can taste. I have been trying to find out that which makes social media worth to me and these are some of the things that I can approve really do.

Audience and its reach

If you want to thrive on social media and you don’t think of having an audience then please do not have such a thought. Stop wasting your mind thinking about that, hah! Audience is what you need for your business. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time and energy in doing the marketing you are doing.

Digital Engagements

This is simply conversing with your audience. Reply to the when they ask you questions. Responding to your audience might not be easy for somepeople due to a large following with a flurry of comments on their posts but
the few minutes you might spend answering to a good number of them, you can create
good engagement with your audience. Engagements build trust between the business
and the customers. Do not overlook it, use it. Digital platforms allow
engagements which can expand the popularity and conversions for your business.

Variety of platforms

Every day digital technology developers come up with new
social media platforms where marketers and clients can engage freely and efficiently
with their customers. There are quite a number of platforms to choose from
according to the taste of an individual. The variety of platforms encourages
marketers to have varied audiences that can boost their business audience and
customers at large.


Digital platforms can act as offices. Most individuals have
been employed online as digital marketers and influencers. They enjoy their
work. Imagine selling by just a button and to a faraway customer from your
phone, exciting right?



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