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7 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

7 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Social media marketing is now a ‘must do.’ The pandemic has shifted most businesses to the digital space and now most brands are connecting, engaging and selling through social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube just to mention a few have provided a fair ground for small businesses to market their products and services. […]

37 Ways to Maximize Marketing Goals on Pinterest in 2023

Maximizing Marketing Goals on Pinterest

Marketing has evolved greatly over the years, and social media platforms have become a key part of any successful marketing strategy. Among these platforms, Pinterest has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. With over 450 million monthly active users and 14 minutes […]

5 Smart Tips to Knock-out Competition in Content Marketing

5 Smart Tips to Knock-out Competition in Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become a very challenging industry today. Every day 75 million posts are published, and 30,000 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every hour. Clearly, there is so much content being produced every day. And it’s very hard to stand out. Yet again the only way to be successful in content marketing […]

Video Marketing as a Major 2020 Trend

Video Marketing as a Major 2020 trend

2020 has been a showdown to most brands as most brand operations were affected by Covid19 pandemic. It was a year to test disruptive adaptability of brands on the digital platforms ranging from presence to using video marketing as a major trend in 2020 in their content creation and distribution. Social media users are now […]

Brand Storytelling in the Middle of Covid19

Brand Storytelling in a time of a global crisis (covid19)

For quite a long time brands have been utilizing storytelling in creating relationships with their customers and audience. This is achieved by creating narratives that are used to connect with the customers. Stories tend to immerse customers and the audience at large be glued or listen more about the brand. Brand stories also help in […]

Twitter Chat Benefits to Content Marketers

Twitter Chat Benefits to Content Marketers

Chats are meant to table issues following either the challenges people are facing or the happenings in the society. Businesses are also looking forward to following chats that involve different trends in the economy. Influencers, content marketers and other twitter users are advised to be involved in chats so that they can learn one or […]

Ideas to Develop Facebook Content Marketing Strategy

If you just realized a good campaign plan on content is important- congratulations! While it is tempting to celebrate that, there’s a lot to look into as you approach the real marketing campaign. You cannot just post it the way you want because at the end of the day you want conversions that will translate […]

Key Fatal Content Marketing Mistakes on Digital Platforms and Smart Solutions

As more businesses invest on digital platforms, content has been greatly identified as KING. Without content, a content marketer would not be able to effectively communicate to his or her target audience. Content being the key message carrier can be in text, image, video or audio depending on the choice of business. Content marketing focuses […]

15 Key Important Facts How Great Content Can Boost Your Brand

Branding using great content

Branding yourself is as easy as you may think. But that works if only your content is relatable and of importance to your target audience. I remember joining Facebook as my first platform to interact with people I cannot meet face to face easily. I would post my poetry that in most cases was relevant […]

Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing

Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing

Companies and individual brands are struggling in this era of digital marketing to make their content visible and found in their websites. A number have managed to brand using content to boost their website ranks on search engines such as Google.  To start with, website ranking is the position in which a website takes on […]