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Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing - Janet Machuka

Companies and individual brands are struggling in this era of digital marketing to make their content visible and found in their websites. A number have managed to brand using content to boost their website ranks on search engines such as Google. 

To start with, website ranking is the position in which a website takes on the search engines. This can be due to the traffic the site gets or various ranking factor that it meets such as quality content and search engine optimization.

According to Joe Pulizzi, the Founder of Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is the creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately drive profitable customer action. The major aim being building relationships with the target audience, content marketing has played a major role in increasing the number of people landing to a website hence boosting its rank in the search engines.

For instance, there are some tips brands can use in order to compete for a space in the high ranks on the search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. Below are some of them.

1. Content originality

Copy and paste is dangerous to your brand if you want its website to be part of the best on the ranks. There is a need for you to create original and high quality content. In most cases, lengthy blog posts of up to 2000 words with valuable content can boost your website ranks on search engines. This is due to the kind of keywords you use in explaining each post or a discussion you are trying to bring out in your article. Additionally, by telling your story and experience in the topic your write on can ensure originality.

2. Topic uniqueness

Focus on the uniqueness of your topics. If you have to write a topic that has already been written, cover it better by using more sources, analysis, predictions and broaden it. Why will you choose to write on a certain topic in your website? Does it relate to the people around you? If you are rewriting a topic that was done earlier, what is your creativity and content level?

Do not just write articles because you want to be like others. Remember, anything another brand can do, you can do better only that the content value changes. Will it be worse or better?

3. Content lifespan

How often do you focus on creating content that can have a long lifespan? The longer lifespan your quality content has, the better. Your target audience will still find it relevant to them even after ten years.  To achieve this, one should avoid perishable content. Make your audience to keep referring your website now and then.

4. Keywords usage

Keywords play a major role in your content visibility. Your headline should have suggestive words that most use in the search engines. Using relevant keywords in your website content that your target audience is likely to search can boost your ranking.

For instance, Google auto-suggests a search query when you start to type anything on the search bar. It is important to make good use of keywords to guide your topic. But do not rely on it to get you rankings if your content is poor. Even though, Google do not consider meta keywords when selecting keywords because it does not affect website ranking.

5. Share your content

Imagine having all ingredients to prepare a meal without fire and effort to cook! It’s useless, right? Well, spread and share your content to social media platforms for more links for reads and leads. The content cannot read itself.  You are the fulcrum, so will you propel the links from your website to other digital platforms.

6. Lubricate your content

Oil your content. Your audience needs to engage with content that has a human interest. You can use humour and a figurative language that relates to them. Write headlines that can be easily found to boost search engine optimization. Create more traffic by sharing and branding yourself with the website. The more you create great content, it is the more people will click hence boosting ranking.


Interactive content that is relatable to your target audience can evoke profitable actions. Focus on catchy content that can attract and make your consumers want to share to their audiences too. Most people are in the internet searching for content that will solve their problems. Does your content meet that?

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