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15 Key Important Facts How Great Content Can Boost Your Brand - Janet Machuka

Branding yourself is as easy as you may think. But that works if only your content is relatable and of importance to your target audience. I remember joining Facebook as my
first platform to interact with people I cannot meet face to face easily. I would post my poetry that in most cases was relevant to my followers.

Similarly, my twitter engagement has grown in the past 3 years (2017-2020) I have been interacting on the platform because due to my content. I have built my brand professionally to target corporate brands who would like to be trained on digital marketing and offered to my services.

Well, NealSchaffer would not have been one of the best trainers for businesses and influencers if he had not branded himself towards that niche.

Content is the king, so it rules. To grow a brand and make it distinct among the many brands in the economic world is determined by content. Over the years I have been
using social media to grow my brand, content has been my key contributor to its

Here are a number of ways in which content can boost your brand.

  1. High conversion rate

Conversion is simply the act of converting a customer who searches your site or brand to a paying customer. For instance, if you are a digital trainer and a company wants your services, there is a language you will have to use so that the company can spend on you.

Content plays an important part in converting a customer into a buying customer. Content is like the heart of marketing without which you cannot make your first move. The moment your brand creates compelling content to your customers, your work is
half done. To complete it, understand how and where you will have to use it.

By using it correctly for the target audience, you can draw in customers who will buy your
products and services hence conversion.

  1. More website referral links

Is your content worth to refer someone to have a look of what you share? Does your content educate, entertain and inform to an extent that I will refer my colleagues in the same industry to view it?

I love referring a number of my friends who want to study digital marketing to Shaw Academy, Content Marketing Institute and Neal Schaffer; just to mention a few.

  1. Easy brand remembrance

Unique and quality content shared from time to time on your blogs and social media pages can make people want to refer your brand to other people. Brand recall can be achieved through content personalization.

Personalized content helps consumers remember a brand. Additionally, it encourages them to engage more personally with the brand at hand thus introducing a positive feedback loop that benefits both the customer and the company. According to International Business Machine Corperation (IBM), 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates.

  1. More fans of your brand

People will engage with a brand that creates content that captures their attention. Content that attracts new fans to your brand can easily convince them to follow you or even turn on your notifications. When you focus on niche content you will attract a certain type of audience to your brand. It is advisable to share content that gets you followers of your target audience; followers that act upon command of your content needs.

  1. Increased connectivity through social media following

The more fans you get, the more people will connect with your brand. This connectivity
can alternatively boost your influence. Your brand might end up shaping and influencing opinions and behaviours of your audience in return. This is good for digital marketing.

  1. Increased brand visibility and awareness

A number have heard of Amazon or Netflix. Why do you think most trust such brands? Simple, they have content that cuts across all ages and meets the desires of their target audience. In most cases, when one downloads movies from Netflix, they are branded its logo. Just imagine if twenty people who have never interacted with Netflix movies were watching it in a single room; that means twenty people have known about it.

Janet Machuka as a brand has grown due to the content shared. In most cases, I get a
number of requests to train someone or guide him or her on how to go about blogging and digital marketing. For instance, I have fans of janetmachuka.com who share my
content thus giving a new audience. This in return increases brand visibility.

  1. Great conversations and leads

Why do people interact with your posts on your social media pages? Why will one share
your articles from your blog and social media pages?

The way you craft your content will either lead to your audience clicking, sharing, commenting or showing an interest to purchase and use your products and services. Personal conversations with your target audience can grow the trust of your brand.

A brand that focuses on conversations has good engagement level. With time, trust is built between the brand and its target audience leaning to conversions.

  1. Higher organic search engine ranking

Great content boosts your Google, Yahoo, Bling among other search engine organic ranking. You may have realized that there are some sites that appear top in the search engines upon searching using keywords.

Blogs with content that has possible keywords can easily excellent to pop up top in the search engines.

  1. Authenticity and relevance

Since I joined twitter, my drive has been content. Content authenticity and relevance to my target audience has encouraged new fans to engage and interact with my brand.

When you feed your audience the kind of content they are hungry for, they will definitely recommend you as a relevant source of information. Some will end up turning on your notifications hence your brand will be respected and ordained as relevant and authentic.

  1. Good ROI (Return On Investment)

A good Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved through content that meets its target. Companies spend on content marketing strategies, advertising and marketing for their brands. What they plough back as returns on what they invested is determined by content.

  1. Boost brand identity, image and reputation

Brand identity is simply how a brand’s logo, colour, profile and values are articulated. How a brand uses content to boost its branding and how people look at it in terms of Image will automatically affect its reputation.

How content is used to communicate to the target audience – personalized with the brand image, identity and reputation being in context, can grow an audience and trust of a brand.

  1. Increased Web traffic

Boring content sucks. People get attracted to content that informs, educates, entertains and is of human interest. Content that is too salesy puts off your readers. Awesome content increases a number of clicks to your website, increasing traffic hence boosting your brand to be reached by many people.

For instance, if you see such an article headline, will you click?

  1. Competitive advantage

There’s a lot of competition from brands both on the online and offline space. What differentiates brands that are competing for the same target audience is content. Zuku and Startimes are digital service providers. What makes an audience lean towards the other is the manner in which they brand their content.

  1. Increased and Optimized search

As earlier noted, well predictable keywords that people use to search content on search engines can drive your target audience to your blog or website. When the content meets all the qualities of the search engine optimization, there is a possibility of your brand getting a higher search engine ranking.

  1. Niche content branding

Niche content creates more value in the minds of anyone who engages with your brand. Content niche branding is a focused way of sharing specific content of expertise that leads to pure specialization hence identifying your brand distinctively from the rest.

If you know whom to aim at and you maintain consistency in your content sharing, you can build a great niche brand.

Wrapping up

Content can be in various formats. It can be videos, memes, infographics,  text, GIFs, animations audio among others. All these formats with creativity in it can bring out great content that not only attracts, entertains, educates and informs but also can boost the brand operations positively with great conversions.

Take the chance, grow your brand!

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