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Chats are meant to table issues following either the challenges people are facing or the happenings in the society. Businesses are also looking forward to following chats that involve different trends in the economy. Influencers, content marketers and other twitter users are advised to be involved in chats so that they can learn one or two things. In addition to that they can get other benefits as discussed in this article below.

Businesses exist because they want to make profit, close a gap in the market and solve problems in the economic world. Content marketers can create (1) business leads from other twitter chats. Leads are those individuals who are interested to know more about the product or service or rather purchase them. Twitter chat gives a content developer a chance to understand what their customers might want. It is a listening platform. In this way, it is easy to connect a customer.

There’s a lot engagement between the existing and potential customers in the chats. For a content marketer it will be easy for him to (2) network with those rightful customers with their content through the chats. This is mainly relevant when the chats use a consistent hashtag that is easy to track and follow conversations during chat time or later on.

Twitter chats offer a very good platform to build the exposure of an individual or company. Consequently, sharing worth content in such chats can (3) build a brand.
The more you feed the target audience that might be in the twitter chats with catchy and fulfilling content they might want to engage with you more by retweeting your content and further referring you to others. This can easily build the influence of the brand.

Following chats that are in relation with what you do can (4) increase your audience since people will want to hit the follow button so as to learn more from you; as a content marketer. This can authentically (5) build a relationship between you and the right audience that is interested in what you share. Building relationships with a network with same interests can help you (6) learn and know more from them.

Marketing gears towards conversions that come as a result of detailed (7) engagement where the marketer shares more about the products and services  to the interested audience. In most cases, content marketers are encouraged to (8) find better twitter chats for marketing purposes that can easily build up
conversations that evoke potential customers to either buy or add the products and services in their wish list.

Every content marketer will want to get (9) new ideas on how to approach his audience following that he has different ages and sexes of people following him. People who are involved in twitter chats are free to give their opinions on different issues for instance pertaining business. Additionally, content marketers can exchange ideas using twitter chats.

As a content marketer, understanding what the audience expects is very important. Chats with or without hashtags can be a target so as to pick important tactics, ideas and create a new audience and customers for your products and services.

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