How to Build Brand Authenticity on Social Media

Authentic Social Media Branfd

Most social media users find it hard to describe authenticity and how to create an authentic brand on the platforms they are on. With the presence of so many applications and options to help us build a brand without a face or with a fake face, it can be hard for audiences to single out […]

Businesses Need Coaching in The Workplaces

Giving employees, employers and entrepreneurs a chance to be equipped with knowledge, tools and skills that can help them identify issues and plan for performance improvement in the presence of an expert who is known as a business coaching.  “Coaching in the workplace is vital. It is a catalyst to move teams and individuals forward […]

Evolution of Social Media and Its 2020 Trends

Social media has made it easier for most of us to share our creatives, be it in blogs, so that others can read, comment their positive thoughts and critic our thoughts and give us a chance to find new angles to approach our articles. As many brands find their way to the social platforms, employ […]

Brand Storytelling in the Middle of Covid19

Brand Storytelling in a time of a global crisis (covid19)

For quite a long time brands have been utilizing storytelling in creating relationships with their customers and audience. This is achieved by creating narratives that are used to connect with the customers. Stories tend to immerse customers and the audience at large be glued or listen more about the brand. Brand stories also help in […]

Entrepreneurial Guide to Build a Sustainable Digital Brand for Business

With the rise in technology usage in the world, brands and organizations ought to adapt to the changes in marketing and how business will be handled. A number of people are securing themselves with the digital gadgets that will enable them connect with their audience on the digital space. This does not leave businesses behind. […]

21st Century Digital Positioning For Your Brand

Brand positioning on social media

Most of us are privileged to experience the era before digital came to birth and we can now comfortably say that digital has become a solution to most economical, governmental and social issues. In this article, l will discuss on how you are going to package yourself to stand out in the digital space. Digital […]

Why Brands Need Perfect Social Media Customer Service

Perfect Social Media Customer Service

Social media has become the instant feedback platform for brands to converse, engage and chat with their customers. As Anne Kedi Siade puts it during the #AfricaTweetChat sessions on Twitter, “Nowadays, social media is often the first place of interaction between a brand and its customers. You never get a second chance to make a […]

Key Tactics to Increase Facebook Marketing Posts’ Affinity and Weight

Key Tactics to Increase Facebook Marketing Posts' Affinity and Weight

Facebook marketing has far much been ranked as the best social media platform to sell goods and services due to the fact that we have the highest number of users visiting the platform on daily basis. The highest age bracket using Facebook is between 25 and 34 who offer a vast market to products and […]

How to Deliver the Best Marketing via Digital Platforms

How to Deliver the Best Marketing via Digital Platforms

A number of businesses and companies lately have considered digital marketing as the best way to use for their products and services to be known of their existence, branding and the knowledge of current prices. For instance, a number of youths in Kenya are on these digital platforms for different reasons with thousands signing up […]

7 Pro Tips to Creating a Great Brand Voice

7 Pro Tips to Creating a Great Brand Voice

Most times we don’t know how to go about the brand voice on either our social media presence or on the offline sessions. First and foremost, what is a brand voice? Any brand is connected to individuals who have different personalities. Hence, a brand ought to execute a certain personality to its audience. Therefore, brand […]