Simple Effective Ways to Exist and Manage Brand Reputation Online

The most difficult thing brands face online is managing their brands. This is due to the fact that in most cases, followers of the brand will tend to believe all the negative comments and attacks on the brand to ruin its reputation. It is easy to get so wrapped up in what others are doing […]

Ideas to Develop Facebook Content Marketing Strategy

If you just realized a good campaign plan on content is important- congratulations! While it is tempting to celebrate that, there’s a lot to look into as you approach the real marketing campaign. You cannot just post it the way you want because at the end of the day you want conversions that will translate […]

5 Key Digital Skills For Entrepreneurs

This is the digital era where you either embrace digital or go home. Digital skills enable online users find, evaluate, analyze, utilize, share and create content using information technologies in the presence of Internet. Digital technology connects people on a global scale in the presence of internet and enables them to share information and experiences […]

How To Become an Online Brand Influencer and Earn Monetary Value From It

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Many lives of the young people have now changed due the presence of the internet and the digital platforms that keep us connected, informed, educated and entertained. While a good number of online users use the digital platforms for social reasons, they also act as a ready market for the business who are looking to […]

How to Thrive Consistently as a Digital Marketer

Differentiating yourself is not just about dressing better than the rest or getting an extra degree under your belt. On the digital world; it is more of how your skills, talent, and education makes you irreplaceable so that it can bring the best and the most real version of you; honing it until the whole […]

Key Fatal Content Marketing Mistakes on Digital Platforms and Smart Solutions

As more businesses invest on digital platforms, content has been greatly identified as KING. Without content, a content marketer would not be able to effectively communicate to his or her target audience. Content being the key message carrier can be in text, image, video or audio depending on the choice of business. Content marketing focuses […]

15 Key Important Facts How Great Content Can Boost Your Brand

Branding using great content

Branding yourself is as easy as you may think. But that works if only your content is relatable and of importance to your target audience. I remember joining Facebook as my first platform to interact with people I cannot meet face to face easily. I would post my poetry that in most cases was relevant […]

How to become an influential business blogger and its benefits

A number of bloggers find it difficult to differentiate themselves from the rest of the bloggers. Lately, there has emerged a set of bloggers that are focusing on providing content for businesses and using their platforms to blog for business. According to Corey Wainwright she defines business blogging as a marketing tactic that uses blogging […]

8 Best Ways to Improve on Your Tweet Performance

Twitter has become well known of its presence as the best platform to share your thoughts, news and engage with others in 280 characters in each post you publish. For instance, a number of people daily and companies will run a hashtag on the product or service to be advertised. This has become a major […]

Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing

Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing

Companies and individual brands are struggling in this era of digital marketing to make their content visible and found in their websites. A number have managed to brand using content to boost their website ranks on search engines such as Google.  To start with, website ranking is the position in which a website takes on […]