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A number of people are struggling to gain followers in twitter without knowing there are tips that can guide them for effective gaining. For instance, these are some of the ways in which an individual can genuinely gain followers.

  1. By turning on your geographical location. You can easily attract followers from your area. In most cases you will find that when you turn on your GPS, people around your area will be suggested to you. It is likely for one to hit the button follow for someone from a certain region similar as his/her or area of his/her choice because he/she has turned on the location button.
  1. Captivating Bio: Your Bio must be captivating enough to interest someone to follow you. Most times people will carelessly update their status forgetting that Profile is what gives people a general picture about you. So you must be careful and choosy in the choice of words you use to portray yourself. Be relevant and true. You never know who follows you.
  1. Make replies to bigger brands. For instance if Safaricom asks a question and you answer then it happens that they retweet it or quote, it is a better chance to gain followers because of the bigger audience given. You can use individuals who you know are best influencers.
  1. Employ the mentioning of influential personnel you know.

Give it a 75% likeliness for him or her to retweet or quote your tweet. That can also be a channel to gain new followers.

  1. Use a clear picture that directs one to you as the focus on your profile. Avoid profile pictures with more than two people. The avatar is a small space. So do you ensure that you don’t congest your profile.
  1. Make it a habit to tweet during peak hours. Sending messages when people are asleep depending on your time zone is not the best way of gaining followers. Tweet when most people are awake; that way, interactivity is high. For instance, most people in Kenya are thought to be on twitter at 10am, noon, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. Knowing the times people are active on this site will help you schedule your tweets hence likeliness of a lot of traffic to your post. Be around when the bulk of twitter users is around.
  1. Automated messaging. Some features on twitter that build up automatic messaging to everyone to a specific geographical area (can be regulated). This can also be a way of gaining followers. For instance, sending a crowdfire message to follow might be very helpful. You can alternatively choose some influential people to DM (direct message) your tweet. They may opt to retweet it or tweet it. That gives you a better platforms,
  1. Make use of links to most interesting sites. If you employ the habit of tweeting stuffs and linking them to the best viewed websites might be a very good chance for you to gain followers. You can also include the handle of the site link you are mentioning.

     9. Design your Timeline to be known of some specific things. For instance, if you specialize in sending motivational quotes or business articles, stick to that! You will definitely attract a certain audience to follow you. Do it like a trend to maintain the audience and to encourage more followers.

  1. Encourage repetition of some interesting content you have ever posted. This will encourage expansion of your following. Make sure to repeat your best and most informative tweets several times during the day. Sometimes you can undo retweet and retweet it again to increase the impressions and reach. It might end up being a trending tweet and that can earn you a good presence and following.
  1. Link your account to outer social media platforms. You can link your twitter with your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn among others. Alternatively, you can copy and paste to post the link of the post from your twitter to other platforms. Once Fb followers click the link they can follow once they land on your twitter account. Tools such as  hootsuite offer linking and managing all accounts.
  1. Post pictures worth a thousand words! Design the tweet to be the best ever accompanied with an eye-catching picture. Let people melt down! Ooh yeah! I said let people drool as they read the message!
  1. Make your twitter activity visible. If you have a website, Link it to your twitter. That’s easy for people to follow you from your site to twitter.
  1. Mind what you share! Use important and helpful links. Create content that people can learn from, can get inspired & be motivated, can get knowledge out of it! For instance, you can do thread tweets.
  1. Be generous in liking and retweeting others. Definitely you will realize most people will retweet you if you retweet them. Engage with their content.
  1. Avoid too much promotions.Too many promotions of articles, products and services might make your personal account look like a spammer or rather simply clueless of what you are doing on twitter. Be creative. Know your audience has different types of people. Try to balance different ways of posting; educative, informative, entertaining and agenda setting.
  1. Make use of a scheduling tool to schedule your tweets when you are not online. For instance, one can use tweetdeck to schedule twitter tweets for the future. They will automatically tweet themselves when the time reaches. Alternatively, hootsuite can be used. Twitter users who post their content at regular basis tend to see more engagement and followers at the same time.
  1. Hey, why can’t you join a twitter chat? Join in the trending chats at that specific time. This is a great opportunity to engage with a number of tweeps, meet new people in your sector who might end up following you. For example; #AfricaTweetChat
  1. Follow users who follow your followers. There’s a high chance of them following back. If you follow users who are business oriented, that means they also have followers in the same interest hence a high chance of them following back.
  1. Always check out your Analytics. You can check your Twitter Analytics directly on web for your personal account. In case you are listening in the analytics for your account and you need detailed analytics use analytics tools such as Social Alert. Social Alert will help you track all posts of twitter hashtag as well any twitter account quickly, from impressions, sentiments, viral content for any hashtag and twitter account. Checking analytics will help you know what works and what doesn’t, who follows you how to strategize your next content that will help you increase followers.

Be the best. Be the twitter professional.

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