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Digital marketing keeps disrupting business industries day by day.

Most brands were not ready for the intense digital changes they had to adapt to in 2020. Michael Page Africa has been in the fore front to help brands hire digital marketing talent in Africa and beyond. They also offer career and employer advice for brands.

This article features Ali Nel from Michael Page Africa. Ali heads recruitment for sales and marketing roles across Sub-Saharan Africa.

She specializes in the recruitment of sales and marketing professionals with in-demand skills, primarily for mid- to senior-level roles. Her clients include B2C companies across various sectors. Ali, a digital marketing expert, played a key role in leading the #AfricaTweetChat session.

The session focused on the topic of hiring talent in Africa for digital marketing positions. Ali shared valuable insights and tips from the community, which included advice from both clients and professionals in the industry.

Digital Marketing Hiring

To get hired for a digital marketing role, it might seem easy, but it takes a lot to be the accepted candidate for the client.

Every digital marketing job needs a new skill whose line of operation changes on a continual basis. However, it is safe to say that digital marketing is becoming a highly demanded skill since organizations are moving to the digital space.

Just like any other job, it’s hard, most brands look for experience as they recruit but if one has a passion and open to learning, this shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, most brands now hire people with skills, great network and with a brand that speaks for itself ~ Pinno Ivan Louis

Soft skills employers look for

As a social media user, l have witnessed a number of brands ignore their customers’ and audiences’ concerns. You might have also experienced cases where brands handle crisis communication pathetically.

Well, employers may look for different soft skills depending with their type of culture and business model. But communication, empathy, emotional intelligence and listening should be the key soft skills to any digital marketing person looking for a job.

A1. “Employers look for #DigitalMarketing talent who are 1) Flexible/adaptable 2) Work autonomously 3) Curious 4) Creative. In your #jobinterview you’ll be a stand-out candidate if you share examples of exactly HOW you have demonstrated these #softskills” – AN #AfricaTweetChathttps://t.co/4a1WkHIJpG— Michael Page Africa (@MichaelPageAfr) October 14, 2020

A1. Emotional intelligence, growth mindset, openness to feedback.#africatweetchat— Asaba Joan Generous Isabella (@mwesigwais) October 14, 2020

Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing.

The future is now, and it is digital. More and more people are shopping their everyday needs and luxury items online. From groceries to sanitisers and from clothes to washing machines. The need to physically visit a store to shop continues to fade.

Marketers in the post-COVID-19 era will have to rethink what technologies they really need, which ones can help them save money, and which ones can help them transform their businesses that have been altered by this crisis.

A2. “Trend 1/3: #DigitalMarketers have to become more sales-driven & commercially minded. Those who establish a stronger link between campaigns & business leads/#ROI will be in demand. So Marketers, wear your sales hats & work closer w/ the business.” – Ali Nel #AfricaTweetChathttps://t.co/naOO1TonYG— Michael Page Africa (@MichaelPageAfr) October 14, 2020

Other Trends appreciated more include:

1.Community marketing such as building brands using Tweet chats and Facebook Groups

2. The micro-influencer marketing industry is booming more and more. Brands who were caught up in the middle of this mix are collaborating with influencers with less than 500 followers since they are affordable and valuable.

3. Video and Voice for communication. We are having our meetings in a conference room on Google meet or we listening to podcasts on our mobile or laptop.

4. Increased empathy. Messages give a priority to covid and its effects on our lives, which I think is exactly what they should do right now.

5. Business to business collaborations. It has been such a disruptive moment for big brands who were comfortable without diverse digital use. They are now collaborating more with small brands with better digital marketing solutions for their customers.

6. Don’t just collect data, make sure the data works for you.

2023 in-demand jobs in Digital Marketing

Social media executives, strategists, meme makers and creatives, data analysts, copy writers and search engine optimization have become the in-demand jobs. Organizations are embracing digital. They have realized that the only way they can be seen up as digital embracing organizations is having their organization social media pages and accounts ran by social media managers.

I was amazed reading this tweet by Adweek. The meme business is growing at a skyrocketing pace.

Bud Light Seltzer is hiring for a new position on its marketing team—the brand’s first chief meme officer. https://t.co/mHYfH3YQGa— Ad-EEK! ???? (@Adweek) August 18, 2020

Since Covid19 pandemic pushed people indoors, working from home and keeping the social distance, the booming business in e-commerce site has only been successful because of the people behind it. Consumer love e-commerce sites with the best user experience and product subscription, not forgetting responsive chat rooms.

A3. “In-demand roles: More #ecommerce roles, more specialist roles (e.g. #SEO specialist, #mediabuying specialist, etc.). More digital marketing roles in the insurance sector as it digitalizes. Few companies are hiring standalone #socialmedia roles.” – Ali Nel #AfricaTweetChathttps://t.co/lLOptv9d6O— Michael Page Africa (@MichaelPageAfr) October 14, 2020

Hiring Generalist vs. Specialist roles

Hiring digital marketing talent in Africa is still young and it will take time to reach its maturity. Nevertheless, most big companies are now more woke than ever. There has been head hunting of specialists to perform certain tasks. Nevertheless, startups may find it hard to hire specialists due to pricing hence go for generalists.

“Based on my past experience, most companies tend to hire generalist roles due to many reasons like budget constraints or need to make shortcuts. Though post Covid times there seems to be more specialist roles hires due to growing demand to fix niche issues,” says Nsimbi Joshua.

The cost of hiring specialists can take a toll on brands with limited resources. Hence, most of the organizations will choose to go for a generalist to help handle more roles.

Nevertheless, Ali Nel says it is a company’s choice and the industry they are in.

A4. “Whether a company hires generalist or specialist #marketing roles depends on industry. #FMCG & #Insurance cos. hire generalists. Bigger the company, more specialist roles. Smaller cos. don’t have budgets for a big team, they hire generalists.” – Ali Nel #AfricaTweetChathttps://t.co/2hcyM3rC3S— Michael Page Africa (@MichaelPageAfr) October 14, 2020

Networking for Opportunities

It is exhausting to blow your trumpet but easier when others couch for you. The more people know what you can do makes it easy for them to mention your name even in rooms you don’t have access to which sets you up for better opportunities. That’s what networking does.

A6. Networking is VERY important.@AfricaTweetChat has brought us all together to learn a thing or two. Personally am really getting value from this community and sessions held.#AfricaTweetChat— Griffin Makokha (@griffin_makokha) October 14, 2020

More reasons why you should create networks:

1. A network is like a route which facilitate faster and easier access to a particular market.

2. People in your network don’t just identify new opportunities, they can help you decide which ones are right to pursue. Just as you’ll do for them-networking goes both ways.

3. Allows one to exchange ideas and skills, but more importantly, it makes one a valuable resource to others in digital marketing. When you are able to provide insights or help someone else achieve their goals, it is incredibly satisfying for new opportunities.

Importance of networking:•You can grow your brand with zero budget •Get Meaningful referrals to clients•Helps you showcase your personality. When you connect/network with people you share who you are and what you do— Janet Machuka (@janetmachuka_) October 1, 2020

4. Both online and offline networking are very important for opportunities. Not only do you get the opportunities but also a sponsor who will recommend you during selection and recruitment processes thus maximizing chances of getting the job.

5. Often times we can never forget how someone made us feel. This applies to your peers, you develop a sense of connection when networking. They come to mind first when an opportunity knock ~ Emmanuel Wacha

6. “You will be interested to know 9/10 marketing roles I fill in companies in Africa are via referrals. Referrals best way to find passive and skilled talent. So build your personal brand online. Be vocal. Be seen. Make your work visible. Network!” – Ali Nel

Exploring the Role of a Business Development Manager at Michael Page Africa

Business development manager roles at Michael africa

Role of a Business Development Manager at Michael Page Africa

The role of a Business Development Manager at Michael Page Africa is an exciting and dynamic one. This position requires a unique set of skills and expertise to drive the growth and success of the company in the African market.

To give you a clearer understanding of the role, let’s explore some key aspects of being a Business Development Manager at Michael Page Africa:

Strategic planning– Develop long-term business strategies to drive growth and profitability
– Identify new market opportunities and potential clients
– Requires extensive research and analysis
– Can be challenging to predict market trends and changes
Relationship building– Build and maintain strong relationships with clients and key stakeholders
– Network and collaborate with industry professionals
– Requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills
– Can be time-consuming and demanding
Sales and negotiation– Lead sales efforts and negotiate contracts and deals
– Drive revenue growth and meet sales targets
– Can be competitive and high-pressure
– Requires strong persuasion and negotiation skills

In addition to these key features, a Business Development Manager at Michael Page Africa is also responsible for:

  1. Market research: Conduct thorough market research to identify potential opportunities and trends in the African market.
  2. Lead generation: Generating leads and identifying potential clients through various channels, such as networking events, referrals, and online platforms.
  3. Proposal development: Creating compelling proposals and presentations to pitch the company’s services to potential clients.
  4. Team collaboration: Working closely with cross-functional teams, such as marketing and operations, to ensure seamless execution of business development strategies.
  5. Reporting and analysis: Tracking and analyzing key metrics and performance indicators to measure the success of business development efforts.

As a Business Development Manager at Michael Page Africa, you will have the opportunity to significantly impact the company’s growth and success in the African market.

Leadership Positions at Michael Page Africa: Operations Director, Production Director, and BBU Head/Director of Sales and Marketing

At Michael Page Africa, several leadership positions are available that offer exciting opportunities for growth and development.

Three key roles within the company are the Operations Director, Production Director, and BBU Head/Director of Sales and Marketing.

Each position plays a crucial role in driving the organization’s success.

Operations Director

The Operations Director is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. This includes managing a team, ensuring efficient processes and procedures, and driving operational excellence. Some key responsibilities of an Operations Director at Michael Page Africa include:

Production Director

The Production Director is responsible for overseeing the production process within the company. This includes managing production schedules, ensuring quality control, and optimizing production efficiency. Some key responsibilities of a Production Director at Michael Page Africa include:

BBU Head/Director of Sales and Marketing

The BBU Head/Director of Sales and Marketing drives sales and marketing initiatives within the company’s BBU (Business Banking Unit). This includes developing and implementing sales strategies, managing client relationships, and driving revenue growth. Some key responsibilities of a BBU Head/Director of Sales and Marketing at Michael Page Africa include:

Discovering Michael Page Africa: Locations and Presence

Michael Page Africa Locations and Presence

Michael Page Africa has a strong presence across the continent, with multiple locations that allow them to serve their clients and candidates effectively.

Here is an overview of their locations and presence in Africa:

South AfricaMichael Page Africa has a significant presence in South Africa, with offices in major cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. This allows them to tap into the country’s vibrant job market and connect employers with top talent.
NigeriaMichael Page Africa is well-positioned to serve the Nigerian market with an office in Lagos. Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa, and the office in Lagos enables Michael Page to support local businesses and professionals in finding the right opportunities.
EgyptMichael Page Africa is in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. This office allows them to cater to the needs of the Egyptian job market and provide recruitment solutions for both local and international companies operating in the country.
MoroccoThe office in Casablanca enables Michael Page Africa to serve the Moroccan market. Morocco is a rapidly growing economy with a diverse range of industries, and Michael Page’s presence in Casablanca ensures that they can connect employers with skilled professionals in the country.
KenyaMichael Page Africa has a presence in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. This office allows them to tap into the East African market and provide recruitment services for businesses and professionals in Kenya and the surrounding region.
GhanaWith an office in Accra, Michael Page Africa is able to support the Ghanaian market. Ghana has a growing economy and a range of industries, and the presence of Michael Page in Accra allows them to connect employers with top talent in the country.

Michael Page Africa’s locations across the continent enable them to deeply understand local markets and provide tailored recruitment solutions. Whether connecting employers with skilled professionals or helping candidates find their dream job, their presence in these key locations ensures that they are well-positioned to meet the needs of the African job market.

Key Takeaway

Even in the presence of digital marketing and its platforms, the market is still oversupplied with traditional marketers. As David Rones puts it, “Africa has a large audience to convert into digital space due to electricity, internet and smartphone penetration. That makes slow transition to absorb talent digital marketing.”

You can build your startup to become an empire if you brand and market yourself as an individual well. Network in person, be part of the conversations and you get to introduce other people to your #business in the process.— Janet Machuka (@janetmachuka_) August 11, 2020

If your brand needs advice on hiring digital marketing talent in Africa you can reach out to Michael Page Africa.

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