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Building Brand Authority On Social Media (#AfricaTweetChat)

Written by Janet Machuka

In simple terms, Brand Identity is how a brand is known online by its already audience, the new audience that is searching on specific keywords and aspects corresponding to their needs. In most cases, the top searches become the authority.

1.      What are some of the ways towards building brand authority online?

  • Create new and informative content for your audience
  • Let your brand voice be uniform across the platforms
  • Share testimonials which are relatable and believable to your audience
  • Join Twitter lists, Facebook Groups and LinkedIn groups with individuals around the same niche you are operating on. Converse, engage and identify yourself as one of them.
  • Your profile, bio and content in general should exude some authority in it. You can send directions, call to action and inspire your audience to take action.
  • Representing yourself in a certain way consistently, builds authority easily.
  • Listen, observe and participate in conversations around your keywords and concepts.
  • Associating yourself with strong brands is also vital in building branding Authority.

2.      How can conversations boost one’s brand Authority?

  • For Instance, being a host on #AfricaTweetChat can give you a chance to engage with new individuals from different aspects of life. This can ground your brand as an authority or thought leader.
  • Adding consumable and relevant thoughts and opinions to conversations on FB group chats, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other social media platforms can be another way to build yourself authority of your brand.

3.      Does Brand Authority on Social Media equate to conversions?

  • Yes: An authoritative and believable brand can easily be trusted by the consumers of a product or a service it advocates.
  • No: Not all authoritative online brands are geared towards conversions. Some are using social media to pass time while others are in for the social aspect of it.

4.      Is shifting to a new brand identity of an already built brand advisable?

  • Yes: Having a good brand strategy in place, one can successfully shift to another identity so long as the in-flow of the audience to the new identity is well strategized.
  • No: Sudden breaking of the consistency of how your brand operates will confuse your followers hence turn off.

5.      Which platform is the best to build brand Authority? Why?

Each social media platform has its own strongest purpose. For instance;

Instagram – Beauty & Fashion

Facebook – Building Community Relationships

LinkedIn – Professional Relationships and job seeking

Twitter – Get-in-the-moment Updates

6.      Should a company associate itself with any thought leaders online?

Yes: Messengers are very important. They stand in for a brand when it has been hit or when sharing the brand’s achievements. They can also be used to steer and spearhead original research for the customers about the brand they are representing. They can be brand influencers, ambassadors, celebrities among others.

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