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4 Steps to writing successful content in your blog - Janet Machuka

People call themselves bloggers and yet their content isn’t worth of a read. For that reason, here is a number of steps for any writer out there who would be successful in his or her content development.

a) Identify your topic

You can choose a topic you know you can do a number of articles from it. For instance, Love and relationships have a lot to write about. You can do a series of like 6-20 articles about it until you gain a certain type of audience. Give them answers in that article.

b) Always brainstorm

Identify a topic; write down a list of what you want to talk about it. On the process you will realize you might have other generated articles out of the points in the topic. That is another way of having a series of articles for your blog.

For example Love and Relationships; you can talk of cheating, what to do together, games to play with him, how to handle her (anger, when she is cheating, when moody in her menses, when she has other male friends, activities to engage in, how many times to make love) among others.

c) Set targets

Set a target on when to post a new article. Sometimes you can choose a specific topic to run a specific day to keep your target audience on toes.

d) You can interlink your posts

When your article is too long for your readers to read at once or rather when doing a series of them, you can interlink them. Interlinking encourages easy tracing of the continuation of the article or rather related articles.

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