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8 important qualities that your visual content strategy should have - Janet Machuka

Creativity promotes engagement. Well planned and done visual
content for your target audience on social media will spark conversions to your
business. Furthermore, they add to the branding of your products and services.

Visual content involves images, videos, memes, info
graphics, presentations, and screenshots among others. Content marketer use
visual based content to induce more interactions and build up an audience for
the message meant to be conveyed. In addition to that, are easy to understand
compared to texts.

For a good content marketer to achieve communicating to the
target audience by using visual content, there are crucial details that must be


Clear images and videos with a high quality can easily make
someone to pay attention to the content in them. People will grade high quality
videos to be of more importance than those which are poorly done. Use high
resolution cameras to get bet pictures that are of quality. Additionally, the
quality of words used should also be considered.


Come up with content that is not overused by your fellow
content marketers. Avoid the habit of making al posters to have the same manner
in which the text is used or placed. By interacting more with your target
audience, you can know what they want. It easier to come up with the best
creative when you know your audience and what they expect from your products or
services. Create content that evokes emotions.


Check on the consistency of sizes of your graphics, the text
you use on it and the brand. Graphics that are related can be easily
identified. Some colours act as brand colours. For instance, we know of
Safaricom because of its green colour. If most of the posters are done in that
aspect, it creates a trend and makes it easier to stand out.


Irrelevant design of graphics will put off your audience.
How is the message designed or rather brought out? Does the presentation match
with the text? How about the info graphics? Be relevant.


Use what relate to the audience. Make use of simple words
and images. Making the visuals too complicated will not convey a message. Your
choice of words should be easily understood. You are not creating the content
for you but for your audience to consume.

Preciseness and

Communicate only what is to be communicated. Do not ad
unnecessary images, videos and memes to break the message to be conveyed. Use
short phrases that communicate clearly.

Target audience

Who is the consumer of the content? Which language will you
use for your audience? When will you share the content? It is important to
answer how it will benefit the audience. Know your audience and you will have
the right visual content for them.


It is easy to get feedback when graphics and video is
attractive and satisfying to the eyes of a customer. Focus on eye catching
visual content than can hold attention of your audience to read more that is on

Visual content increases reputation and evokes emotions when
they are correctly used.



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