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6 Reasons why Facebook marketing is better than twitter marketing - Janet Machuka

Since the rise of the digital era, individuals and companies
have resolved to showcase and sell their products and services.  A positive and tremendous increase in the number
of digital selling hubs has attracted an online audience to purchase products
and recommend for services to others by use of their gadgets.

We have many digital platforms where we can do marketing.
Take an example of Kenya; most people are either on WhatsApp or Facebook.
Twitter is also coming up very well.

In our case, we shall focus on marketing on Facebook and
Twitter. Which platform is better? Why will one prefer marketing on Facebook
than Twitter?

Well, most organizations want conversions from the marketing
they do. Will it create a profit?

I refer twitter the best platform for brand awareness and
visibility. This is because it is difficult to get a good number of conversions
from twitter when it comes to products and services as compared to Facebook. There’s
a lot of content being uploaded on twitter in seconds which makes it difficult
for people to pay attention not unless the product or service is part of the
trends. Hence, here are some reasons to why I will encourage more use of
Facebook on marketing for conversions.

1. Tweet life is too short

The life for a
post on twitter is too short as compared to Facebook. If you have realized, a
post on Facebook can still be valuable for days after posting. On twitter,
there is a lot of content being posted each second hence giving a life of a
tweet to be 3 to 8 minutes; afterwards it might be difficult to revisit the
same post since it is difficult to locate it.

A post on Facebook can be valid for days, hence when doing
marketing, it can reach a good number of audience who will probably pay an
attention to what is being sold that might convince one to make a purchase.

2. Twitter distractions

Try refreshing your twitter homepage. You will find that
there’s a lot of content with different tags that can easily shift your attention
from what you wanted to check on. For instance, on Facebook, it is easier to
create your target audience and the geographical location you would want them
to be. This will easily boost your marketing if the products and services are
to satisfy the people of that particular place.

On the other hand, twitter might not have a good boundary
due to the fact that there’s no limitation of the number of followers you
should have hence may not get the right target audience in the geographical
area you want hence distractions.

3. Facebook promotes
conversions more effectively

Every marketer wants to create profit out of the time and
money invested in the marketing. The latest statistics done on the month of
June shows at least 2 billion users spent on Facebook while 328 million on
twitter. This means many people are on Facebook. Marketers are encouraged to
invest more where there are more people.

                               Photo Courtesy: Monthly users statistics on the month of June 2017

Facebook is a social platform. It accommodates each and
every individual. Twitter on the other hand is thought to be for elites who
share their opinions in a creative way by the use of 140 characters. This makes
Facebook a better platform to be used in marketing.

4. Facebook has high
engagement rate

There is engagement in both platforms. But in most cases, when
people join social media one is supposed to create a Facebook account by
default. It is not really a must but almost everyone who uses social media
platforms has a Facebook account.

On Facebook, you can share and tag as many people as you
want up to a certain limit. In this case, it is easy to tag only the friends
you know have the same interests as yours.

Moreover, Facebook has visible pages which can stand on
their own apart from your account; as well as groups. Pages and groups can give
you a wide audience and loyal customers in accordance to the brand.

5. Room for more content

Facebook offers room for one to write more. You can describe
your products and services with as many characters as you want in one post.
This gives room for the audience to clearly understand what you sell hence they
can make well informed decisions. In addition to that, it reduces too many
questions from the public.

Videos of any length can also be shared to demonstrate how
the products work.

6. Affordability in

Did you know that you can promote a Facebook post with as
low as $1 Dollar on your page? It is possible! This can reach a good number of
people compared to twitter. Facebook posts are cheaper. You can spend less to
get more clients who might be interested to purchase than using twitter than
might give you less conversions but more visibility.

Even though Facebook might be better in marketing, what
matters is the kind of branding and marketing done with content being the key
in achieving the goals of marketing.



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