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6 best ways to go about designing marketing posts - Janet Machuka

For a number of times, I used to find myself designing my posters
in a way that they never had many reactions from my audience. I almost lost
grip but these few tactics gave me a face to the real professionalism and pro
in the marketing field.

Attractive and communicating graphics

Graphics attract people easily than texts. Use of well-designed
posters with little text will give the audience a reason to stop for a moment
and interact with your content. Focus on capturing the attention; not just
posting and using shoddy graphics for the sake of sharing.

You cannot communicate to the people without a message and a right
channel of use. Once you package your communication model well and making it simple
to understand the message carried in the channel, it will be easier for the
targeted audience to react and give feedback to you hence completing the
communication cycle.

Focus on
the benefit of the products and services

The best way to design the posts is to talk of how people will
benefit out of making use of what is being marketed. Dwelling on praising the
products might lose the taste of the message hence people will deflect.

In most cases, this is achieved by understanding your audience by
simply engaging with them to know exactly want they want and expectations on how
the product and services to will benefit them as consumers.

Use brands
and influencers

Mention icons who can help you build an audience of the posts. For
instance, on Facebook you can mention people who you are sure can give you the
audience you want by sharing and the posters appearing on their walls by

You can make use of influencers if it’s a big job.  Remember, different influencers or digital
users have different ways of creativity to rich the targeted audience.  We don’t think the same. You can give others
a chance to give you more creative posts at the same time, the audience you

for more information

Blog about the products and services rather than focusing on the
twitter and Facebook posts only. Blogs are meant to give more information about
products and services. Describe them in detail and the importance.

Moreover, social media platforms don’t need too much texts. The use
of links to blogs can direct people for more information so that you can focus
on key points on the posters on twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

newness and consumption audience

Old posts are boring. Creativity and fresh content never kills
engagements. If the audience target is the same over and over again, it will
need you to come up with content of different tastes in order to fit the age.

For instance, to sell Safariom bundles, one will need to come up
with content for the youth, the old and separate fun, and education from
business benefits of the credit advertised. This means the content to be used
in the posts has to change most times to fulfill the wants of different groups
of people consuming it.


Speak to people, engage and interact to build a conversation for
the products and services. Use emotional connection sin your posts as much as
you can. Additionally, you can direct them act according to the kind of the
command you will use in your designed posts.

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