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7 reasons why your brand and business need LinkedIn - Janet Machuka

LinkedIn is known for professionals. Even though, a number of people in most parts of the world have not realized the capability and impact that their presence on LinkedIn could have on their businesses and brands.

I joined LinkedIn after a friend of mine allured me to this platform. I was just a student. LinkedIn is not like Facebook where you just create an account and you start posting anything. You need to understand your career line, connect with people of the same taste and potential clients you would love them to see your profile and recommend you for a job.

My first LinkedIn job landed me in managing the accounts of the Editor-in-Chief of Fair Observer, Atul Singh, who is one of the best connected professionals in Law and lecturer in the USA. His presence on LinkedIn has helped him connect with world professional editors, writers, lawyers additionally, growing his company, Fair Observer, which looks into community development and bringing writers from all over the world to a central platform.

1. Network and connect right people

LinkedIn is a powerful platform. Businesses need LinkedIn since it is a tool for recruiters to find possible candidates for their organizations and for graduates and job seekers to find roles. Hence, it is easy to connect graduates and recruiters rightfully for the job description.

2. Provides a platform for individual and company profile on a global scale

Setting up a profile is very important. For instance in Kenya, a number of companies that have found it hard to operate in other platforms due to the fact that their profiles may not stand out well have resolved to LinkedIn. LinkedIn works like curriculum vitae which records the professional details of the companies and individuals hence giving them a chance to compete with other worldwide companies on a large scale.

LinkedIn profiles reveal valuable information about people seeking jobs at your company, their stability, record of successful accomplishments and passion for what they do. By hiring and retaining such individuals, your company will benefit from their expertise and energy.

3. Creation of leads

It is easier to generate new business links from LinkedIn. Its ability to scan people of same job descriptions and companies makes it easy to select and connect the right people. A company in search of new employees can easily get leads from LinkedIn. Additionally, companies can get leads from new customers. Referrals can also be beneficial in creating new customer long term relationships.  

A high-quality LinkedIn company page helps you network and prospect for quality sales leads, but it also establishes your public image on a global scale as a reputable and trustworthy organization

4. Relevant and valuable connections            

To be on LinkedIn, one needs to create a profile that can make him or her referred to by client. Due to the fact that it is a platform for professionalism, businesses and individuals can find relevant and valuable connections that may benefit them in one way or the other.

5. For Search Engine Optimization improvement

Try searching your name on either Google or other search engines. You will realize that your profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will be among the top in the
first page. This ranking can boost the LinkedIn company pages and posts highly hence adding updates to your company page and optimizing posts for SEO helps to
improve your performance in the search results pages.

Consequently, this will increase the traffic to your website due to the embedded links on your LinkedIn profile. Which business wouldn’t like traffic to their sites?

6. Immediate feedback on your business post performance

If you are the profile administrator, you can view analytical data that can help you gain deeper insights into your page performance. For example, you can see how engaging your individual posts are, you can identify trends across key metrics and you can check your demographics and sources. This can help you check the increase or reduction of engagement between you and the audience so that you can seal the holes.

7. LinkedIn Promotes Branding

Did you know that this platform can act like your building platform? Well, personal
branding is not all about you telling the world how great you are. LinkedIn
helps to get others help you tout your accomplishments. This can be through
endorsements and recommendations of jobs. These features make you more credible to those who are checking you out. Aim at getting more endorsements on LinkedIn so as to gain more respect and brand yourself as a company or product through your goodwill.

Be sure you can get more on LinkedIn from brand building, content from other professionals and much more. Create an account today! Your business strength might be right there!

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