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Useful tips to promote your blog content on Facebook - Janet Machuka

Every blogger wants traffic to his
or her site; it can be micro-bloggers or macro bloggers not leaving out major
media houses. At the end of the day, gaining from blogging is the end result
they want; to get Google Ads that will pay once one has subscribed to earning
from Google and people to read about their thoughts, ideas, products and
services. Sounds easy, right?

Well, not every blogger is able to
make his site pay. It can be because of the number of audience that visits the
site since that’s the major reason to why some blogs will earn more than

There are a
number of things you need to do to have a successful blog. A part from well-written,
helpful, and relevant posts to your target audience, you have to make sure you
are promoting them correctly so that they can reach people who could become
your fans – and maybe even your customers.
For instance, how can
one use Facebook to give the blog content a larger audience?

1. Use of attractive headlines

The best way to sell and evoke
action from your audience is determined by the title of your article. Most people
will click a link due its headline. A poor headline will never attract people. For
instance, to come up with a good headline, focus on:

2. Use Keywords and SEO

Keywords are important when
searching on social media. Often, there are words that most people will tend to
use when searching for content about different things. For instance, if it’s a customer
who wants a product for her natural hair, she will simply search ‘Natural Hair

Search engine optimization makes
searching the easiest on the search key.

3. Well-designed visual content

Context and link are not enough. Make
use of images to relate with the content in your blog. Images attract an audience
easily than words. Learn to make use of effective images; with few and concise
text that communicate. A good image paints a thousand words. The better the
content accompanied with the image, the better the response rate form your

4. Be the expert to know who to reach

At times focusing on the number of
people to reach might not accrue the results you want; focus on the type of
people. For example, you could be reaching the wrong people with baby content
on a technology based page instead of using a mother’s page to reach the right
people since mothers are known to do lots of baby shopping.

5. Encourage sharing

The most effective way of promoting
your content is sharing which can be in varied ways. Facebook offers a number
of micro-platforms where you can engage your blog content with different
audiences. This can encourage a vast and diverse audience that can replicate to
a good traffic for your blog.

For example, one can tag friends,
share to friend’s timelines, mention influential friends and pages, share to
groups and pages and tag shops in relation to what the blog content is all
about. Tagging an mentioning friends can work effectively if you ask them
nicely through direct messages to help you share your content on their
timelines or pages.

6. Write creative posts

Craft a creative, attractive and
magnetic piece about the post you want to share before you drop the link. Additionally,
you can add context when sharing to your other accounts, friend’s timelines and
encourage your audience to do so.

In a case where influencers are
used, ask them to make killer quotes that can spark a good reaction from the
public to click the link or read the post.

7. Use of emoticons

The newly advanced use of emoticons
on the keyboards has promoted traffic and engagement s with the blog posts
shared on Facebook. For instance, there is a rise in the use of emoticons
accompanied with a brief text when sharing blog links.

 8. Target the right people

Promotion of blog content goes hand
in hand with the relevant audience. Do a research or a survey. Ask your target
audience what they would like to know? What solutions do they need and for
what? This can give you a clear picture on how to plan and execute your content
so that it can fit the very people you are targeting. In the case of boosting
on the Facebook page, get the right audience by focusing on the demographics;
more so age.

9. Engage with your audience

Engagement is not all about posting
and walking away like nothing happened.  Talk
to your customers. Mention them in the questions you would want to get feedback
about the content you shared. You can further conduct interviews on your
Facebook page for particular customers as a host. This can encourage a good engagement
rate since people would want to ask questions and be keen on how the
interviewee will answer. Simply be human not a robot.

10. Schedule your content

Facebook pages allow scheduling of
posts to ensure re-sharing of the content. This can promote a consistent
visitation of the blog by your audience. For instance, some content doesn’t
have an expiry date; by sharing again might help both your existing and new
customers who visit your Facebook page.


Every day make it happen by simply finding out more strategies, tips and tactics you can use to promote your blog content. Focus on using them all depending on the day plan so as to encourage diversity. Additionally, different audiences are reached differently.

Be smart to create the posts in a more captivating way. It’s simple, go do it!






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