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7 Pro Tips to Creating a Great Brand Voice - Janet Machuka

Most times we don’t know how to go about the brand voice on either our social media presence or on the offline sessions. First and foremost, what is a brand voice? Any brand is connected to individuals who have different personalities. Hence, a brand ought to execute a certain personality to its audience. Therefore, brand voice is simply the uniformity in selection of words, the attitude and values of the brand while addressing the target audience or others.


In order for one to create a professional brand voice, one has to focus on:


  1. Converse with your audiences

This brings out the humanity aspect and deletes the robotic nature. Meet them, private chat them on social media and focus on communications that evoke engagements rather than just posting.


  1. Create video content

The best way to state your brand voice is creating video content. This gives a visual representation of who you are and what your brand simply stands for. By combining all the aspects of branding; the content, its tone and appearance in one video, the audience can easily identify the brand voice through the explanations as represented in the videos.


  1. Brand consistency

What do you post on your digital channels? How about your physical presentation to people in forums and conferences? Do you represent your brand all through in the similar manner?


Consistency is not just about what you share on your spaces as a brand. It also digs to the number of times you share. Do you share daily? Is whatever that you are sharing have a relationship so that you can create a well branded niche
out of it?

Most importantly, stay in touch with your target audience. You can follow me on twitter and see how l do it.


  1. Show up and voice your brand

It is impossible growing a brand that is never present. Take an example of the current massive digital transformation that is happening in the world as brands find their way on the digital platforms now that their audiences have shifted their. If brands are not going to show up and claim their place via the digital platforms, they will definitely lose out in creating a strong brand voice in these platforms.


Additionally, show up in conferences. Be the panel. Engage in networking sessions. Keep quiet and you will go unnoticed; engage with other individuals and you will have given your brand exposure.


  1. Be true and relevant

Don’t force a fake you to your audiences. There is no need of foisting a voice on people who don’t identify with it. For instance, LinkedIn as a social media platform gives individuals a chance to create their professional profiles without imposing themselves and impersonating others. This gives a sense of truthfulness and relevance.

You can lie about your brand but you can never stay long with the lie. The truth will finally emerge and you wouldn’t like it to be known. Hence, a great brand voice grows from a true and relevant brand.


  1. Adapt and evolve

Stop being boring. Avoid doing the same thing, the same way every now and then. Break the monotony. Find out different ways to create your content. Never stop analyzing the voice of your competitors. Never stop learning from leading brands. Subject yourself to learning. You are not yet at the limit of listening to other brands to get few tips from them. Everyone is a teacher. Learn from them.


Remember, you define your brand voice by being bold, but not arrogant. Be irreverent, but not offensive. Be loud, but not obnoxious.


  1. Being unique will cost you but you will appreciate

Most brands choose to be copy cats rather than being original. That is why we have so many startups that die at ideation stage. Copying is easy but it costs brands the most. Being original can pull a genuine, unique and relevant
audience your brand. Learn from others but don’t choose to be exactly like them.


I like it when people have different mentors to pick something unique from them rather than having one mentor and end up being an exact copy of him or her. Mentors tend to teach you the ways they used to be what they are. Just imagine if you had one? Will you withstand if one day the mentor will be gone? Hence, pick the best from different individuals and let it be an inspiration to building your unique brand voice and identity.


Wrapping Up

Above all, create a brand strategy that works for you. If you are a grocery brand, you cannot use the same brand strategy as a vehicle assembly brand. You are two different brands with different audience targets. Now you can go ahead and create an outstanding professional brand voice.



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