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A number of businesses and companies lately have considered digital marketing as the best way to use for their products and services to be known of their existence, branding and the knowledge of current prices. For instance, a number of youths in Kenya are on these digital platforms for different reasons with thousands signing up to different platforms daily. Some are there to pass time while others have transformed their few hours online to make money out of it though digital marketing.

Digital platforms include: Websites and Blogs, Mails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube among others. For digital marketing to be fruitful, a number of pointers have to be put into place:

  1.  Digital training

Being able to make use of social media platforms and having a number of following does not give one a guarantee of being a good marketer. There is more than just that. For one to perfect the manner in which to convey the message to the audience, a training is required.

The way the message is packaged for twitter marketing is different from the one for Facebook. Hence, the need of professional skills for marketing that can enable the digital marketer create an impact upon the service or product being advertised. Digital training will:

  1.       Entrepreneurial Aggressiveness

One has to be assertive with the decision made to choose digital media as the way to market. We have witnessed a number of digital businesses do well in the recent past. Millions in the world today can access the internet with a number bringing their businesses on board. Others have gone to an extent of completely doing away with the old ways of marketing to embrace digital marketing.

Taking risks as an entrepreneur is bold. Some never trust the input that it will bring but all in all, it needs confidence. An aggressive digital marketer has all confidence that the efforts put into marketing will reap the best.

  1.     Be open minded

Take your time to read on articles on digital marketing. Study each platform individually to ensure that to meet the qualifications and requirements in the specific digital platform targeted. For instance, Instagram will require more of visual impression; how the posters are designed will either attract the audience or not.

       4 .     Network

Know your fellow digital marketers. Interact with them. Attend summits and conferences that involve entrepreneurship and digital marketing. There is a need for companies to know your existence. This can be in the manner in which you brand yourself and the companies that you have worked with to give it the best.

Always look out for a long term relationship with individuals and companies with the best digital marketing strategy.

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