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6 Ways to point out a smart influencer marketer

Influence is beyond the numbers you have on the digital platform

You bought a
smartphone, stumbled across a computer or rather a laptop and you were in
readily available internet. Well, the next thing was you to gain a huge
following on your social media that to some reasons you may not understand your
purpose with them, right?

Maybe, it
was for your popularity, maybe you offer services or rather you want to be
among the company products and services influencer. Well, that aside, what does
it take to be influential on social media?

Here are
some key details on what it takes to choose a smart influencer.

1. Target Audience

company depending on the kind of products and services they offer have
identified their target audience and readily available audience way before they
even start rolling out the company operation.

Hey, you
cannot choose a male influencer to promote sanitary towels! How now? That is
simply losing objectivity, credibility and confusing the targeted audience.
This can cause really good chaos that might be very hard for you to handle.

2. Content Creativity, quality and

A good
influencer is creative with the content. Creative posts attract, interact and
always trigger feedback from the targeted audience. As much as the influencer
can be creative, what is the quality of the content? Is it relevant to the
targeted audience? Additionally, is the information given quantified and be

influencer marketer must have a powerful mind in creating artistic, quality and
quantity content that can accrue feedback and sales.

3. The engagement and feedback rate

It is not
all about the following but the overwhelming feedback you can get from your
following. How far and wide can the influencer engage with the target audience?
Does she respond to people promptly? How is the interactivity between the
targeted audience and the influencer marketer?

A good
influencer does not just post but also tries to engage the product and service
with the targeted audience. This can be through using key questions to the clients,
mentioning targeted individuals in the posts among other tactics. Additionally,
answer questions hence the need of fully understanding the product and service.

having a huge number of following does not mean people will definitely listen
and read to whatever you post on your digital platforms. What matters is the
engagement between you and them?

4. Product and service unity

In order to
be on point with the selection of an influencer marketer, she must relate well
with the brand at hand. You cannot choose a well-known online brand known for
weaves to be your product influencer, for instance your salon offering only
natural hair care services.

Do not pick
trendiest influencers of all time to be promoting your products and services! Choose
those who can actually make use of the products or service in order to maintain
credibility. Not all influencers are fit to promote any brand. Different
influencers package themselves differently.

5. Platform relevance

We have
different social media platforms. Not all influencer marketers are good in all
platforms. Some are good in Twitter and not Instagram, some might be good in
LinkedIn and not Twitter and so on.

Where do you
want to market your products and services mainly? Choose an influencer that
best works for your choice of platform you would like her to promote. Furthermore,
the influencer must have a good command and authority in the very platform your

6. Beyond the platforms

How does the
individual operate off internet? Can she own the product and talk about it
offline? Can she promote it both online and offline? Influential marketers are
way far more credible to be promoting your company when they own the very
product or service under promotion.

They talk
about the product beyond social media.

As per
above, it is not easy to choose a relevant influencer marketer not unless you
look into some unique qualities and quantities that can easily create unite,
bring about credibility and reach the targeted market. Choose an influencer who
has passion in the line of promotion.  


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