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Hello Champs,

Blogging is not just a hobby or profession. It’s a life-changing experience. Well, did you know blogging has changed my life; paid my bills and now l can categorize myself part of the self employed? Nevertheless why is blogging important anyway? Find out!

1. It Boosts Your Confidence

After writing and publishing few posts, you will see a definitive change in your confidence level. You will feel more confident about you, your skills and your ability to think clearly and coherently hence easy to take up challenges.

Blogging is your energy drink!

2. A Better Communicator

Your writing and communication skills improve as you write more. Master how to engage and persuade people through communication in your writing.

3. Develop Relationships with People you admire

After I started blogging, I was able to connect with people I previously admired. I developed relationships with top bloggers, influencers, and media people. Your network is your most valuable asset you could create and blogging can help you to build your network.

4. Blogging Develops Productive Habits

Blogging creates discipline. The more you learn, the more productive you will be. Once you start blogging regularly, the way you do and see things changes. All these changes together make you more productive.

After I started blogging, I was able to do more in less time. I completed more tasks than before and managed to make the most of my day.

5. Become an Expert 

No matter where you are in your life, you can always learn more. Blogging helps you to think about things in greater detail and structure your thoughts logically. This enables you to identify the gaps in your knowledge and fill them with further learning.

As you focus on a particular topic for your blog, you will develop a deeper understanding of that subject due to research hence more knowledgeable. With time, people will notice your contributions and recognize you as an expert on that topic.

6. Build a Business

Blogging opens up an opportunity to build a business.

7. It Keeps Your Mind Active

One of the biggest problems we face in professional life is doing the same tasks again and again to the extent it becomes mechanical and puts the mind in an idle stage. But in the case of blogging your mind develops new ideas due to its activeness.

Blogging enables you search for new experiences, information, and story you can write about hence you will never experience a dull moment.

8. Tell Your Story

We all have a story we want to tell the world. But at
times we don’t know how to tell it. Blogging gives you the perfect platform to
tell your story. You can tell the world about your views, your achievements,
and your stories.

9. Make a Difference

Every individual has a desire to make a difference. You have knowledge and life experience that can benefit others and improve their lives.

Blogging play a major role in imparting knowledge and skills from one individual to others. This can be through sharing one’s success stories in life.

Isn’t it awesome?


Are you already into blogging? How has it changed your life?
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