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6 Ways to point out a smart influencer marketer

6 Ways to point out a smart influencer marketer

You bought a smartphone, stumbled across a computer or rather a laptop and you were in readily available internet. Well, the next thing was you to gain a huge following on your social media that to some reasons you may not understand your purpose with them, right? Maybe, it was for your popularity, maybe you […]

Choosing the Right Influencers for your Brand Advocacy

Influencer marketing is the trend that will evolve more and continue to be the best choice for social media brand advocacy. Over the years, social media users have grown on each platform. According to Digital 2020 Global digital overview published on the 30th January 2020, more than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at […]

How To Become an Online Brand Influencer and Earn Monetary Value From It

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Many lives of the young people have now changed due the presence of the internet and the digital platforms that keep us connected, informed, educated and entertained. While a good number of online users use the digital platforms for social reasons, they also act as a ready market for the business who are looking to […]

How to Thrive Consistently as a Digital Marketer

Differentiating yourself is not just about dressing better than the rest or getting an extra degree under your belt. On the digital world; it is more of how your skills, talent, and education makes you irreplaceable so that it can bring the best and the most real version of you; honing it until the whole […]

3 Types of digital influencers businesses need

Types of digital influencers businesses need

Digital has become the new face of marketing and advertising in this era. A number of businesses are struggling to move to the digital platforms. It can be because most might lose their jobs due to digital illiteracy or the company will have to spend to buy new structures to fit the new workplace the […]