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Key Tactics to Increase Facebook Marketing Posts' Affinity and Weight - Janet Machuka

Facebook marketing has far much been ranked as the best social media platform to sell goods and services due to the fact that we have the highest number of users visiting the platform on daily basis. The highest age bracket using Facebook is between 25 and 34 who offer a vast market to products and services due to the likeliness of them purchasing for it is the most employed age bracket.


Affinity: – This is the connection you have with each fan. If you can get them liking, commenting on, and sharing more content, you demonstrate a greater affinity and they will see more of your future content.

Weight: – Is the content helpful? Do people engage with it because it is worth?

Over the years, many companies have thronged to this particular platform to showcase what they offer from their company. Additionally, individuals who want to be the mass influencers have faced a number of challenges when sharing their posts. Some get few engagements or none with some never converting their products and services they promote to monetary value.

In this article, we will look into some key actions one must do in order to give more live and create leads which will materialize to buyers and eventually monetary profit.

1. Get more likes, comments and shares

As earlier stated, affinity focuses on the action of people to engage with your content by liking, commenting and sharing. How often does an individual interact with your posts? In order to increase the affinity you must post attractive content that gets attention and authority content builds your reputation. Interactivity depends on the use of catchy graphics, choice of words and the design of your content both in visual and text.

2. Post awesome Content 

Content that is great in most cases will increase its popularity since most people will be interacting with the content. Few people interact with content that does not benefit them. By getting more likes, comments, shares will probably give you heads up that your content was great and worth the interaction and the number of engagements it receives at the end of the day.

Remember if you post poor content, you will definitely get poor results.

Before you click post on your Facebook, ask yourself:

  • Is your content relevant?
  • Is it worth sharing by your followers?
  • Is it short, precise and comprehensible?
  • What of its relevance?

3. The power of visuals

Making the audience understand is the major target of the person posting his or her content on social media. If you are too wordy, you might turn away your fans and customers.

To break the monotony of words, one can use visuals. It is said that a greater percentage of the human brain can easily interpret visuals that text which is very true. One can tell a lot from a well-designed poster; where pictures are used to represent some things or people other than words.

4. Interact and respond to your fans and customers

In the case of Kenyan Safaricom, you will realize that the customer care in charge of the digital pages will always answer when one asks a question or needs clarification about their services. By interacting one can increase the trust between the company and the service subscribers simply by affirmation, response and solving problems if any emerged.

Furthermore, people will feel you are humane when you respond. It might look “silly” replying thank you on your photo that one of your friends commented but that might be the best way to say, “welcome back.” Never ignore.

Henceforth, this will consequently boost connectivity.

5. Add questions and little fun to your content

The best way to encourage your followers to reply, comment and interact with your content is by using questions that evoke reactions. This will promote involvement hence increase the engagement rate. Consequently, the more the engagements rate the higher more people will be reached by your audience.

Adding humour to your content makes it worth. In most cases, humour is used to create the humane feature and fun that most people will want to be identified with.  

Moreover, one can ask the followers to like, comment or share if they agree with your statement. This is very effective in most posts we have seen on Facebook for example, “If you love Jesus type AMEN”  or “kindly give me likes or share.”

6. Make a posting schedule of your content

Planned posts are well structured, catchy and well edited. Most people just post without planning which can easily contribute to posting content that is shoddy and poorly arranged.

Content creators are encouraged to prepare their content before they post it so that the focus is based on the target audience and the end benefit. Planning also helps the expert share content in an organized manner; from the ones that decay within a short time and a long time.

Nevertheless, some content creators are smart in creativity when they think, create and post immediately. For them, editing should be the key focus before posting to avoid grammatical errors, language barrier and misspellings.


To post anything on social media platforms, you need CONTENT. Well-designed content that meets all the qualities has a greater tendency to be interacted with by the target audience. Henceforth, focus on time, what is in your content and the manner in which you are communicating to your audience both the targeted and any inclusive.

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