Digital brand

Entrepreneurial guide to build a sustainable digital brand for business.

Written by Janet Machuka

With the rise in technology usage in the world, brands and organizations ought to adapt to the changes in marketing and how business will be handled. A number of people are securing themselves with the digital gadgets that will enable them connect with their audience on the digital space. This does not leave businesses behind.

As much as the social media platforms originally started to create space for people to connect and share their social lives across the world hence creating an illusion that the world is a small village, the business usage has quickly grown as brands and marketers resolve to use the platforms to connect with their customers.

This has boosted business since the audience can easily such for the products and services as they go about socializing with their connections.

For brands to grow their digital platforms relevant to business, they will have to focus on some practices that will build their power in their line of engagement. There are a number of tips I have been using to grow my brand, Janet Machuka, to where it is. It is not an overnight thing.

The likes of Amazon, Jumia, StarTimes, Neal Schaffer, Neil Patel, just to mention a few, focused on some practices in order to be the brands that are looked up to on the digital space.

Here are some of the best ways in which you can start building your digital brand an as entrepreneur to growth to be the best in business one.

How unique is your product or service?

It is quite hard to build a brand that behaves the same way as one that is already in the market. You will be required to single out the best and unique things about your product or service. What makes your brand different? How unique is the product or service you are building to your target audience? Why should brand positioning should be important?

Does your brand create a deep connection with the audience? Do your products and services educate, inform and fulfill the needs of the people and satisfy the gap in the market?


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