Business need conversions; not preaching

It has come to the attention of a number of business companies and industries that marketing and advertising is different from the way people talk about it; more so digital marketing. You can preach about tips day and night but if you cannot give the conversions, it is all nothing but a waste of time. […]

Tell Your Brand Story Like It’s Your First Date

When you table anything about your brand, what comes in your mind? Have you ever gone to a first date with that crush you don’t want to disappoint? You share some nervous laughter, some playful banter, telling of jokes and most importantly, trying not to deviate from the fact that you are sharing about you? That’s […]

10 Best Ways to Tweet for Your Product or Service

At times we wonder how we can reach a number of people in a single tweet. Well, here are some of the best ways to come up with awesome tweets that can be of influence to the target audience of your product or service. 1. Own the product or service. You can start with a […]

Building Brand Authority On Social Media (#AfricaTweetChat)

In simple terms, Brand Identity is how a brand is known online by its already audience, the new audience that is searching on specific keywords and aspects corresponding to their needs. In most cases, the top searches become the authority. 1.      What are some of the ways towards building brand authority online? Create new and informative […]

10 ways to make content for marketing human friendly

10 ways to make content for marketing human friendly

For a number of reasons, businesses have failed to meet their set targets. Money has been used to do a number of digital advertisements but yet the harvest is still low. The problem might not be the product or service but the way you package the content. Remember you are posting for human consumption not […]

Building a Simple Brand That Stands Out

Most social media users are in one way or the other putting a lot of efforts to bring out their identity, personality, work ethic, goals, aspirations, fears and values to grow a community them. This trims down to branding. In the long run, the actions must make one unique and stay in mind of their […]

3 Types of digital influencers businesses need

Types of digital influencers businesses need

Digital has become the new face of marketing and advertising in this era. A number of businesses are struggling to move to the digital platforms. It can be because most might lose their jobs due to digital illiteracy or the company will have to spend to buy new structures to fit the new workplace the […]

9 Ways blogging can change your life for the better

Hello Champs, Blogging is not just a hobby or profession. It’s a life-changing experience. Well, did you know blogging has changed my life; paid my bills and now l can categorize myself part of the self employed? Nevertheless why is blogging important anyway? Find out! 1. It Boosts Your Confidence After writing and publishing few […]

11 Facts about Facebook Marketing and their benefits


Facebook is one of the hugest platforms with over 2.6 billion users by August 2020 globally. I remember when I joined social media my first platform I landed was Facebook. No one directed me on its streets. Facebook is easy to go about when you join. To start off your socializing is all about sending […]

7 Characteristics to focus on in personal branding

7 Characteristics to focus on in personal branding

Personal branding is the manner in which an individual, organization or a group of people can use their career, skills and talents, services as a way of building uniqueness and distinction from other people. What is your degree of excellence on what you do have as a talent and own as skills? Can people tell […]