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We want our businesses to grow and be ranked top on the Search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc but we give less time to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Keyword Optimisation. There’s a need to hire a SEO expert to improve your website content so that it can be more visible.

For instance, you can make SEO Impactful in ranking in these ways:

1. Publish relevant content not only on your website but your social media platforms too.

2. Choose the right keywords for your web content

3. Use major hashtags & your own included to endorse the main topic on each of your pages.

4. Your metadata descriptions should stand out & be unique.

5. Add hyperlinks on your texts in your blog content.

6. Unique titles of your pages can improve your SEO.

7. Be on the move to ways find new ways to refine your SEO efforts.

Understand that, a well done SEO can be a great bonus for your brand in providing Return On Investment (ROI).

Tonight ahead on #AfricaTweetChat, James Njoroge will lead us through the SEO chat. This can help brands, marketers and bloggers a chance to learn tactics on how they can keep up with the changing SEO approaches day in day out.

James Njoroge, commonly known as Njoroge The Marketer, is a Digital Marketing Executive at Legibra; an IT firm headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an experienced marketer in the fields of Digital, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Partnership Development and P.R, Njoroge has been featured in the Skills Hunt Summit, Strathmore Marketing Round Table, MSK Mentorship Programs, Business Meets Tech and Expava Digital Talks.

At Legibra, he has overseen content development and SEO execution of both local and international brands including the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Centum Investments, African Airlines Association, Team Courage, Sky Dive Diani, Xplorato, MRX Media, Innovation Norway and the Embassy of Sweden among others.

Njoroge also serves as a Board Member of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) where he sits in the Learning & Development, MSK Gala and Students National Council committees.

#AfricaTweetChat happens every Wednesday at 9PM EAT, 8PM CAT & 7PM WAT.

Join, create a network, learn, build your brand and to interact with Worldwide digital brands.

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