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4 Activities to Getting the Best out of your Twitter Posts - Janet Machuka

Twitter has now been ranked one of the best social media platforms in marketing or rather shaping opinions on different topics. It can be used for different activities. But for the digital marketers, reaching a larger audience, creating conversations and getting feedback about the specific products and services they market is their main aim. For instance, to get the best out of your twitter posts one should look into the following

  1. First of all, to have a good twitter presence, one must employ the habit of tweeting not less than 6 tweets a day – this varies depending on your level of engagement with your audiences’ content too. This is because there is a lot of content that is being tweeted each and every minute by the millions of people on twitter.
  2. What you tweet must be of information, content and interest to your audience. For instance, if you are gearing your audience towards a product or a service, always start with a tweet of appreciation. Make them feel comfortable and appreciated. This will keep them wanting to read more and more of what you post.
  3. Tweet routinely. Don’t tweet all 6 tweets at once if you aren’t hyping for a trend. Spread them throughout the day. Avoid always employing hashtag tweets when you want to build a good presence with your particular target audience. If it must have a hashtag, let it be relevant with the information tweeted.
  4. As you tweet, always mind who you tag or mention in your tweets. Look forward to mentioning your active followers. Mentioning celebrities is a good idea but they may not take the interest in checking your tweet. So always tag people who you see active on twitter in daily basis. And as you tweet yours, employ the practice of retweeting tweets of the most active tweeps.
  5. Create lists and be part of relevant tweet chats to learn, interact and connect with meaningful networks.
Additionally, look forward to interacting with influencers who can boost your tweet reach for a larger audience.

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