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37 Ways to Maximize Marketing Goals on Pinterest in 2023

Maximizing Marketing Goals on Pinterest

Marketing has evolved greatly over the years, and social media platforms have become a key part of any successful marketing strategy. Among these platforms, Pinterest has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. With over 450 million monthly active users and 14 minutes […]

How Social Media Activity Impacts Brand SEO

How Social Media Activity Impacts Brand SEO

Social media has power. But do the social media activities affect your brand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in any way? The world population is at 8 billion as we speak today, and it keeps growing. The digital has also transformed how we communicate, engage, do business and network with people across the globe. This is […]

Ways to Start an Online Business and Earn Extra Money

How to Start a Side Business Online and Earn Extra Money

Finding side gigs is hardly difficult if you are looking for them. There are millions of people out there who want to work from home or remotely, but they just don’t have the right idea of how to get started with their business. They are often turned away because they do not know where to […]

Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing

Best Tips to Boost your Website Ranking using Content Marketing

Companies and individual brands are struggling in this era of digital marketing to make their content visible and found in their websites. A number have managed to brand using content to boost their website ranks on search engines such as Google.  To start with, website ranking is the position in which a website takes on […]

#AfricaTweetChat: SEO for Content Marketing

We want our businesses to grow and be ranked top on the Search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc but we give less time to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Keyword Optimisation. There’s a need to hire a SEO expert to improve your website content so that it can be more visible. For instance, you […]