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Content Creation is about coming up with creative content
that can inform, entertain, educate and sell. Content is created for people not
for you alone as an individual.

Focus on the wrong

Your audience matters a lot. 
If content is for children focus on particularly them. If you are aiming
at selling a product to the youth, ask yourself what do they want to read, hear
and engage with?  Mark your audience they
will guide you on what they will want to hear.

Additionally, you can engage with a few of the targeted
audience to make out clearly what they would like to know.  What they would want to get out of your
content? Be smart and let your target audience define your mission and the goals
of your content creation.

Lack of Coming up
with a strategy

Having a documented content strategy can be the one thing
keeping you from achieving success from your content marketing efforts. Time
and time again, we’ve preached the importance of having a documented content
strategy. What do you want to achieve? Be able to define your key performance
indicators (KPI).  These KPI include the
number of clicks to a link.

Make out your target statistics you would want to achieve; the
audience reach, engagement and impressions. Is your strategy flexible to change
over time to fit in the situation at that time? How quenching is the content at
that particular time?

Define your expectations in your documented strategy.         

You spend less time
on your content

Hurrying to come up with content might distort your focus on
the targeted audience. Take time to edit your content to suit your specific

Does your content raise more questions or rather does it
answer the problems of the audience who will engage with it?

Spending more time on the content will help you come up with
content that is selling, more creative and that fulfils the desires of the

You aren’t promoting
your content

Not all promotion is about money.  It can simply be sharing your content to your
pages, to groups and social media platforms for your audience to read.
Alternatively, you can ask friends to share using directive words for example:
share, retweet, like, comment, read among others

You can go ahead and promote by use of money too but focus
on the creativeness and importance of the message in the content.

Your content sucks

You simply have poor content. Allow individuals to edit your
content, they might add something of value into it.

It is boring to read content that is poorly developed and
not engaging at all. Businesses can employ smart content developers who can
create engaging content.

Focus on exciting your audience with your content. Let them
feel like motivated to read or engage with it.                       

You are a horrible

Horrible simply means you not a people’s person. Work on
Search Engine Optimization.  Which kind
of key words are you using? 

Read more to gain more from your audience and understand
what they want from you as a content creator. Stop being selfish, talk about
them in the content.                       

Too high expectations

It is very okay to expect but too much expectations without
good content is a waste of time and your creativity.

Focus on the gradual success of the you learning on content
development, the conversions you get that is, the number of people who will
interact with you, who will purchase for products and services and who will
share your content                       

You lack a human
friendly aspect

You can use humor and directive words specifically to ask
for action from people. Use emotional connection since it easily relates with

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