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7 things you should focus on when designing digital posts - Janet Machuka


We join digital platforms different
reasons. Some will be there just to create a network that they will never use for a valuable
reason, some for entertainment, some for education purposes, marketing, sharing
content among others.

Either way, being on digital
platforms will need you to understand some key points on what you should focus
on when designing your posts in order to communicate to your targeted audience

your audience

Before you think of the post, what
is your target audience? Do you target kids, youths or adults? Knowing your
audience will help you package the information in a manner in which will suit
them effectively. By understanding who your audience is, it is easy to create
the message only for their consumption.


What are you communicating? What do
you want people to know about the post you are putting up? Go through the post
over and over again before you push the button to publish it. If your post doesn’t
have a message that can be interpreted correctly by your target audience, then
you are not communicating at all.


We share content on our platforms
because we want feedback. What you want to achieve must be clearly defined. Do
you want to make people laugh? Do you want them to buy? Can the post evoke them
to react by sharing, liking, commenting, retweeting and quoting it? Define your


How creative are you? Good designed
content is unique. The audience will interact more with unique content at least
to break monotony of the similar created content shared by other digital users.
It is advisable to focus on making the posts stand out.


Time is very crucial when it comes to
post designing. Design posts and share them when the target audience is available
on the platforms. Ensure that the period of designing will rhyme with the
current activities of people at that particular time.


For social media to be effective, posts
must be designed with intelligence. Making use of command will direct your
audience on what to do exactly. Using active words and phrases can be very
interactive. For instance you can use command in your posts by asking people to
share, like, comment and retweet. Moreover, choose a language that will communicate
to your audience easily. Otherwise, you can use humor.


Who is your content designer? Before
you start to do the post, what is your strategy? Do you have individuals to use
in order to give you different ways in which the posts can be packaged? In most
cases, I recommend the use of different influencers who have capabilities to
bring out professionalism, fun and who can communicate by using simple words in
accordance to their audience. Additionally, this strategy can give you more
audience to your shred content.




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