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Digital has become the new face of marketing and advertising in this era. A number of businesses are struggling to move to the digital platforms. It can be because most might lose their jobs due to digital illiteracy or the company will have to spend to buy new structures to fit the new workplace the millennials demand.

As much as printing and old systems of advertising and marketing still thrive, businesses have been forced to go digital. Having no choice, they will have to use the millennials to fit the space of digital marketing, advertising and ploughing back to the company through the digital clients who interact with the products and services the company have.

What do you understand by influence? Who is an influential digital user? Many times we overlook who is an influencer. Influencers don’t just have a large following, they engage, they have relevant people in accordance to their line of work and what they want to achieve from the digital platform in use, they stand out in what they do but above that, they might be triggered by a certain way in which they carry do some things in their lives. It can be their way of life.

Well, for a company to stand out in its digital presence, it will need one or two of these three types of influencers.

                A. Celebrity influencers

These types of influencers are endorsed due to their fame. It can be they are known as the most beautiful or handsome in the society. It can be they are known for certain things they possess for example a lady with a blessed body part; most of the times are referred to us as socialites.

Choosing these types of influencers will depend on the brand goal, the image and lifestyle of that particular person. For instance, we will choose Nick Mutuma to do an advert of ShowMax Kenya since he is one of the Kenya’s best actors and ShowMax entails movies.

As much as these types of celebrities can influence more clients and customers for ShowMax, they can really drain a company because they are known to be expensive and the end goal of the company might not be met.

               B. Thought to be influencers

Some influencers are thought to be. This can be as a result of their authoritative nature on the digital platforms. They say something and many people talk about it. They can be experts in the line of what they are posting on the social media platforms. When they post, many people will comment. Most times these types of influencers will promote their content.

They are influencers which other types of influencers, brands and people will try their best not to cross  path with because they might crash them. They command because they have the power to rule the actions of people with what they do on their platforms.

They can be helpful when driving sales in to a company since most people will buy them when such influencers post something positive about the products or services.

             C.  Advocate influencers

Passion does wonders. Many will agree with me about this. When you have passion of doing something, you will do it willingly and any time. You will not feel the pressure. Personally, I love writing and reading. No one forces me. It is my passion.

For a company that chooses an influencer who is in line with what she or he does wins big. If it is a passionate individual who basically does content for businesses and he or she has influence, it is very easy to work with.

Choosing someone for a job that is exactly what she loves doing is the best win ever. Yes there are a number of people with an influence both online and offline but when it comes to selecting an influencer to help your business grow with conversions and get real time feedback, advocate influenecrs will be the best to go with.

Piece of Advice

You cannot employ a content manager who has no passion in content development. That is just a waste of time. It is up to the companies to really make out what they need. Let purpose be the driver. If it is brand awareness, celebrities will be the best slot but for company’s conversions is ensuring that the content disseminated to the audience talks to the customers the other two can stand in more so advocate influencers.

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