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10 ways to make content for marketing human friendly

The most important thing in creating content is making it more human oriented

For a number of reasons, businesses have failed to meet their
set targets. Money has been used to do a number of digital advertisements but
yet the harvest is still low. The problem might not be the product or service
but the way you package the content. Remember you are posting for human
consumption not the internet. Nevertheless, the internet is composed of people

That aside, let us find out how we can make our content
marketing valid and worth of conversions by attaining the human satisfaction that
will encourage high consumption.

Use of emotions: Emotions
are the best emotional touch you can ever incorporate in your content to make
is appealing. The more you give your product or service a human personality;
you will win a number of people who come across it.

By building the emotion in the post created will touch the
hearts of the interested buyers that will drive them to wanting to know about
the product. Create the thirst by use of the emotional approach in your content
to win them.

Incorporate humor: Crack
a joke about the product or service. Humor complements whoever did the post,
knows what he is really doing. Communication is important and content is the
key to communication. By throwing in a little humor it will make people not to
think that the company is made up of a bunch harsh and cooperate employees who
don’t have a life worth to laugh about. Once in a blue moon, break the monotony
and surprise your audience with a joke unexpectedly.

Choice of words and
Our choice of words will depend on how people will engage with
your content. Make a good use of uncommon words and graphics. The kind of
graphics to accompany your posts or articles must relate well.

Engage with your
Engagements are conversations that spark feedback with your
audience. By responding to the questions posed by your audience, you give your
content a human aspect. Learn to listen to your audience and e keen in seeing
what they want.

Furthermore, contests through the content crated can
increase the engagement.

Seek inspirations and
ideas that can have a human aspect
: The best way to create content is by
focusing on what is trending. How are most of the people creating their content
at a particular period? How can your product content relate to the topic of discussion
at hand? You can check Google trends and twitter hashtags to incline our
content in accordance to what is in the thoughts of many.

By adding an inspirational thought, people can easily relate
it with their lives in one way or the other.

Talk about you or the
Most times when we are signing to Google platforms we are asked to
verify if we are robots.  Remember you
want to communicate to people and that means you need to assure them that you
ain’t a robot. Who are you?

Plan your content
production strategy:  
You can spend
part of your time to plan and create content. This can be striking pieces that
you will have to edit perfectly in readiness for use when sharing it to your
audience. You can plan the content in accordance to the daily duties or what most
people like discussing on a certain day. For instance, on Thursdays most people
do throwbacks.

Make use of different
Some individuals are experts in content development and face to
face interactions can be used to sell products and services in different
formats of content. Different people have different unique ways of creativity
that will increase the audience.

Use communicating
: Both pictures and videos can be used to demonstrate how the
product is used. Additionally, active graphics can be used to portray the company
team during team building. By involving in other activities humanity is portrayed.

Learn to admit to mistakes:
Man is to error. We make mistakes. Avoid placing the blame on any other person.
Admit to have done a mistake in one way or the other if the feedback is not
quenching or rather your product or service didn’t meet their expectations.

Product or services sell more when the human aspect has been
brought out well. Remember, it is not all about the product but the customer’s

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