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10 Best Ways to Tweet for Your Product or Service - Janet Machuka

At times we wonder how we can reach a number of people in a single tweet. Well, here are some of the best ways to come up with awesome tweets that can be of influence to the target audience of your product or service.

1. Own the product or service. You can start with a question like statement. Eg.

Wondering which services Janet Machuka offers? Click the link https://janetmachuka.com/#Services to learn what she does.

Look forward to making your audience not want to forgo that tweet. At times you can accompany it with a catchy photo.

2. Make use of words that bring out some little confusion. For example:

@janetmachuka_ have you seen the card? Check http://machukajanet.blogspot.co.ke/

Card can have a number of meanings. One it may mean a lineup in a football match or a visa card. This kind of tweet can trigger someone to click the link.

3. Always mind your language. The grammar and space you give to your tweet matters. Don’t make your tweet look congested as much as it may have 140 characters only.

May it look attractive at the same time pass your message in accordance to the target audience.

4. Be interactive. Engage your audience. You can tweet and mention an active user as a way of targeting the user to retweet your tweet. For example:

@janetmachuka_ Have you checked @africatweetchat? Don’t miss out the digital marketing chats.

5. Make use of the hashtags that are either very popular or unique in a way.  This will give you a larger platform. A sample in this case is:

A good #Digital marketer is a creative content developer.

You will realize this is a popular hashtag worldwide so chances of many seeing your tweet are high.

6. You can leave your audience in suspense. If u are sharing a story link, choose catchy lines. In the process of explaining, cut it suddenly and use dots (…). For example:

 …ways that are weakening men in…¦ (Then) link…

Someone will definitely click the link to check!

7. Get real. For instance you are marketing shoes. Get a pick of you in those shoes. Then describe them how they have served you.  Use personification l or do it like you talking to someone. For example:

Hey babe, thanks for this supra! Rocking and rolling with this cool new gift!

Then a pic (you can add an emoji)

8. Look for influencers. These are people who can create conversations with their audience. People who can collect feedback. People who can reach a large number of people. And people who are ready to own the product or service to act as the main digital channel.

9. Quote others’ content. Sometimes your followers can share a message that you would like to add on or counter it with your opinion. You can choose to quote it to your timeline so that people can see it. A quoted tweet can be more interactive than a replied tweet. A good example of using quoted replies is tweet chats such as #AfricaTweetChat

10. Make a good use of threads. The 280 characters on a tweet at times do not give twitter users a chance to post  a lot. In a case where storytelling is employed, it is advisable to use threads to share a series of tweets with videos, image graphics, infographics, images, GIFs among other attachable visual contents for your tweet.

Wrapping Up

If you want people to see your tweet for long, don’t do many tweets within 15 minutes, not unless you are doing a trend. This way it will give people time to read it.

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