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Secrets for marketers to bring alive their personal brands

Secrets for marketers to bring alive their personal brands

A personal brand is everything in marketing for recognition, advertising and networking. Standing out gives you more mileage as an individual. Having a personal brand opens doors to real human connections with not only consumers but also your entirety of both online and offline audiences. There are quite a number of secrets for marketers to […]

Brand Storytelling in the Middle of Covid19

Brand Storytelling in a time of a global crisis (covid19)

For quite a long time brands have been utilizing storytelling in creating relationships with their customers and audience. This is achieved by creating narratives that are used to connect with the customers. Stories tend to immerse customers and the audience at large be glued or listen more about the brand. Brand stories also help in […]

21st Century Digital Positioning For Your Brand

Brand positioning on social media

Most of us are privileged to experience the era before digital came to birth and we can now comfortably say that digital has become a solution to most economical, governmental and social issues. In this article, l will discuss on how you are going to package yourself to stand out in the digital space. Digital […]

7 Pro Tips to Creating a Great Brand Voice

7 Pro Tips to Creating a Great Brand Voice

Most times we don’t know how to go about the brand voice on either our social media presence or on the offline sessions. First and foremost, what is a brand voice? Any brand is connected to individuals who have different personalities. Hence, a brand ought to execute a certain personality to its audience. Therefore, brand […]

Simple Effective Ways to Exist and Manage Brand Reputation Online

The most difficult thing brands face online is managing their brands. This is due to the fact that in most cases, followers of the brand will tend to believe all the negative comments and attacks on the brand to ruin its reputation. It is easy to get so wrapped up in what others are doing […]

5 Key Digital Skills For Entrepreneurs

This is the digital era where you either embrace digital or go home. Digital skills enable online users find, evaluate, analyze, utilize, share and create content using information technologies in the presence of Internet. Digital technology connects people on a global scale in the presence of internet and enables them to share information and experiences […]

Tell Your Brand Story Like It’s Your First Date

When you table anything about your brand, what comes in your mind? Have you ever gone to a first date with that crush you don’t want to disappoint? You share some nervous laughter, some playful banter, telling of jokes and most importantly, trying not to deviate from the fact that you are sharing about you? That’s […]

Building a Simple Brand That Stands Out

Most social media users are in one way or the other putting a lot of efforts to bring out their identity, personality, work ethic, goals, aspirations, fears and values to grow a community them. This trims down to branding. In the long run, the actions must make one unique and stay in mind of their […]

7 Characteristics to focus on in personal branding

7 Characteristics to focus on in personal branding

Personal branding is the manner in which an individual, organization or a group of people can use their career, skills and talents, services as a way of building uniqueness and distinction from other people. What is your degree of excellence on what you do have as a talent and own as skills? Can people tell […]