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7 Characteristics to focus on in personal branding - Janet Machuka

Personal branding is the manner in which an individual, organization or a group of people can use their career, skills and talents, services as a way of building uniqueness and distinction from other people.

What is your degree of excellence on what you do have as a talent and own as skills? Can people tell of your qualities?

1. Clarity

A brand should stand our clearly without confusion.  For example, if you see Janet Machuka, what do you think about him?  There’s always an image that comes in your mind in accordance to what he does and how people identify him.

As a brand in the making, one should focus on what you can be best in.  What can isolate yourself from the rest and how you do it!  If it’s digital marketing and content development you want to focus on, stand out in it!

2. Have values

As a personal brand, values are important. What is your importance to people? Do you have a monetary value? People are paid because of value. The reason to why you will be in the same field with someone yet he or she earns more than you is because of value.

A branded individual most of the times is thought of highly and treated with respect since people will always believe his status have special kind of approach.

 3. You must have energy

Have a driving force that will give you a reason to archive what you want as a brand in the long run. Show commitment. Are you willing to conquer all that you face as you build your brand?

Ensure that you align your brand with your market or targeted audience. Add your courage to close the gap between your market and your brand.  This will be the energy.

How you portray yourself matters. How do you express your personal brand? Does it show the energy to do that which you are focusing on?

4. Consistency

As mentioned earlier s, to be a good brand you need to stand out differently in what you do. This means that you will need to do that particular thing over and over again so that people will know you for it. That’s consistency.

5. What is your design as a brand?

What more will people identify you with? For instance, do you have business cards or website branded on it is your brand name? Some will go further and print hoodies, T-shirts, wrist bands among others.

6. Be human as a personal brand

Engage, associate and interact with people. Remember, your target audience is people not animals. Be social.

7. Be creative

As a brand, you must be able to work on creativity. Approaching the same thing in the same way over and over again is boring. Change tactics to suit your audience. Do not turn off your audience but turn them on! You can hire a creative content manager.

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