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It has come to the attention of a number of business companies and industries that marketing and advertising is different from the way people talk about it; more so digital marketing. You can preach about tips day and night but if you cannot give
the conversions, it is all nothing but a waste of time.

We have experts in marketing and advertisements. Day in day out they tell us about this and that tip. They insist that this should be like this and like that. The question is, is the company going to dwell on word and tips or actions? Stop preaching; say it the way it is!

Companies have spent their money on marketing and advertising; a very good portion of it. But, how are the conversions? Are they selling or just making noise and wasting their money?

One thing most marketers forget is: owning the product or the service. Make it your own. Sell it like you were the one who was buying it. Remember, it is not all about the product or service alone but the customer. There are certain things customers will want to hear. Does your product or service complement them? Are you solving their problems with what you are marketing?

Companies do not just market because there is marketing. Their main aim is conversions. How can the company gain back their money used in marketing in terms of marketing and advertising?

Pastors preach to tell people of the word of God. They don’t expect anything in returns to them. Businesses are different because they focus on the conversions. Marketers; stop preaching and focus on reaping.

To spice up your conversions on digital space, always watch the digital marketing trends to guide conversations that will bring fought Return on investment.

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