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Quotes to keep you on toes on what you want in life

Push on, if it is what you love in life

Be hungry for whatever you want and work on YOURSELF! Find time to work on yourself.

Successful people are successful because they FEED THEIR MIND every day. They feed their mind with SUCCESS

The most powerful motivation comes from people who tell U that U can’t DO IT! Use it as fuel to make it happen! Don’t say, DO IT!

Greatness cannot be achieved without obsession. People will tell you it is bad to be obsessed but if you know what you are up to, be deaf to them & EXECUTE your best. At the end it is only about you and your success. Find out what you are obsessed with doing and build it, water it and make it be your happiness.

There are very many people who will want to break you down! But it is all about how you will change your situation to fit YOU not for them! Push on, if it is what you love in life! Push them aside if they ain’t worth to fit in your Life! It is YOUR LIFE give it a LIFE!

You know you are on the RIGHT TRACK when you have no interest in looking back. No intention of going back.

It is not the way you live that makes you successful but the mind-set and thoughts you have!

Wake up! Throw that duvet away! It might be a reason you are still stuck in your comfort zone. Get up and dive to work!

Stop running after yourself. Start running after your dreams, your goals and your victory!

To avoid trouble you must be busy with your dream.

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