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4 Reasons why your partner will choose silence

How will you keep up with him or her whne silence is part of the communication?

Relationships are about finding someone who is ready to go
through life with you no matter how hard the times are. Not all times will it
be a cuddling, laughter, tickling and smiling moments. Actually, most times
relationships hit the hard and rough thorny roads. What keeps them survive is
the little laughter, smile, forgiveness, cuddle and kisses. They make both of
you forget the times you were hurt, felt neglected and lonely that you just
felt like calling it quits. But is quitting really the best decision to make?

Relationships are sweet right? Ha! Ha! Ha! Wait a minute,
not all times. At times they are really sweet in cutting deep into you like
a well-filed sword. Nevertheless, we step into relationships because we want to
belong to someone you can call lover. Someone to surprise you with kisses; kiss
your eyes and push you to  corner and
kiss you hard while grabbing your behind with your bodies interlocked like two
magnetic unlike poles. Someone who will go hard on you! U-uh! That feeling!

There comes a time you will feel so neglected by your
lover-now that he or she asks you to give him or her some time alone. It is
easy to say, ‘it is okay’ but is it really OKAY? Like seriously you just like,
‘alright I will give you some time to go silent’. Hell NO! It is easy to say but
hard to maintain the silence.

For instance here are some of the reasons to why
relationships partners will, tend to choose silence over talk in some

1.       Express one’s thoughts and emotions

It is really never easy to just decide to go silence. People
prefer silence for specific reasons. When some people hurt, they will prefer to
keep off people and spend their quiet time alone without disturbance. While
others withdraw from people in a way of protecting them others will withdraw
from their loved ones to gain attention of their emotions towards the other.
Sometimes anger, hurt and fear of some people are so strong that people can’t
simply talk. Instead, they go mute.

2.       To kill the relationships

Some relationships ain’t the worth fighting for.  So some will rather reduce the number of
times they will communicate with their partners so as to break away slowly but
sure. Many may not see this coming since some will claim that they are busy in
one way or the other that might not be true in most of the cases. When people
make out what they really want in the relationship, they find out that whoever
they are with is not giving them what they really want that might lead to
one cutting off from the relationship in form of silence.

3.       To test their love back

In some point your partner may feel like they are giving too much
but receive the least. Silence might be their next option to prove if you
really do care. It really hurts being there for someone who at some point may
not appreciate by reciprocating. Attention in a relationship can never be
forced. A test in going silent can clearly give you an answer if someone does
care or not. This is a positive silence that I would not blame the partners for
their silence.

4.       To show that they are comfortable

Who ever said relationships are about talking now and then?
It is never like that for real! At times silence is worth it. When you are comfortable with a relationship, the fact that it is running smoothly the way
you want, couples may be a little silent to each other. It is not that they are
trying to avoid each other but give one another a chance to miss the other

Spending all day talking sometime bores so much and it might
never give one a reason to genuinely miss his or her partner.

As much as silence might kill a relationship, remember one
man’s meat is another man’s poison. There’s always a sweet and bitter side of
everything. Nevertheless, always find a better way to deal with your emotions
and take your time to find the reason behind the silence. Do not rush to
conclusions that might hurt the other person.






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